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Programs and services : Sanford Rehabilitation Center

Sanford Rehabilitation Center

Recovery from an injury or painful and debilitating condition requires hard work and commitment to a therapy program.

Our commitment began in 1984, when we established one of the most comprehensive, CARF-accredited rehabilitation centers in the Midwest.

Our rehabilitation center includes a 23-bed unit, the very popular Easy Street—a simulated community used to help patients function in real-life situations—and a team of rehabilitation specialists who are dedicated to providing the best services in physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech and language pathology.

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Sanford Rehabilitation Center has been CARF-accredited for its comprehensive integrated inpatient rehabilitation program since 1986.

Patient outcomes

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Contact information

Sanford Rehabilitation Center
300 N. Seventh St.
Bismarck, ND 58501

For appointments call:

1st floor rehab/wheelchair seating and mobility clinic—(701) 323-6021
Inpatient physical therapy/occupational therapy—(701) 323-6153
Outpatient physical therapy—Minot—(701) 839-5902
Adult outpatient occupational therapy—(701) 323-6021
Communication disorders/speech therapy appointments—(701) 323-6176
Hydrotherapy—(701) 323-6096
Lymphedema—(701) 323-6373

Medicare B payments

Medicare beneficiaries who are blind or visually impaired are eligible for physician-prescribed rehabilitation services from approved healthcare professionals on the same basis as beneficiaries with other medical conditions that result in reduced physical functioning. An evaluation should still be performed to test the patient's level of functioning in activities of daily living, followed by implementation of a therapeutic plan of care aimed at safe and independent living. This coverage is designed to improve functioning, by therapy, and to improve performance of daily acitivities of living, including self-care and home management skills. The provider and physician communities are required to publish the article attached to the memorandum and post it in their regularly scheduled bulletin within two weeks of receipt, then forward to the central office.


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