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Programs and services:

Sanford Rehabilitation Center

Physical therapy

After an injury or illness, a person may have a hard time moving around. Muscles may get weak, joints can get stiff, and balance and walking may be difficult. Physical therapists (PT) help patients regain strength and re-learn skills such as sitting up and walking. If leg braces or artificial limbs are needed, the PT teaches patients to safely use them.

The PT often uses different ways to meet the needs of people. These methods may include:

  • Balance exercises
  • Strengthening activities
  • Water therapy
  • Gait and mobility training
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Cold/heat therapy
  • Massage

The PT works with patients, doctors, and other healthcare workers to help patients achieve their highest level of independence.

Occupational therapy

Physical, developmental, social or emotional problems may cause an inability to do every day tasks. Our occupational therapists will work with you if you need specialized assistance to learn or relearn daily living skills.

You will participate in functional and therapeutic activities so you can lead an independent and productive life.

Our occupational therapists offer you specialized treatment in pediatrics, physical rehabilitation, and psychiatry. Our services are available to you whether you are an inpatient or an outpatient.

Clinics and services

  • Wheelchair Seating, Positioning and Mobility Clinic
    Sanford Health offers a comprehensive evaluation to determine the seating/positioning and mobility of the physically challenged. Ideally, a wheelchair should not be issued without an evaluation to identify specific needs. Specific issues addressed at the clinic to achieve the optimal goals:
    • Posture
    • Musculoskeletal deformities
    • Balance/trunk control
    • Skin integrity/risk for pressure sores
    • Home environment/employment
    • Functional abilities
    • Adaptive equipment
    • Cognitive/visual skills
    • Motor control
    • Manual vs. power mobility
    • Pediatric?adult?geriatric
    • Pressure measurement technology

    This technology is used to determine peak pressure on a seated or lying surface. Using a pressure mapping device is helpful with determining pressure reduction solutions such as proper cushions, weight shifting and positioning.

    A team approach is utilized to identify these needs. The Sanford Health rehabilitation team includes an occupational therapist, physical therapist, patient, family/caregiver, rehab technology, medical supplier, and when needed or indicated, a speech therapist. A physician referral is needed to initiate the process.

    Wheelchair seating/positioning and mobility are all major issues for the disabled person. By recommending the appropriate equipment, optimal function, comfort and performance are assured.

    For more information or appointment scheduling call the Sanford Health rehabilitation physical and occupational therapy office at (701) 323-6153.

  • Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis Clinic
    The Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis Clinic is a unique service to children and families who suffer from JRA. Headed by Dr. Lynne Peterson, a rheumatologist with extensive experience in working with JRA, the clinic is offered throughout the year.

    A team approach is provided for your child including a physician, occupational and physical therapists and mental health professionals.

    A combination of blood tests, X-rays and assessment of symptoms can diagnose JRA. Treatment may include medication, therapy and some activity adjustments.

    Our goal is to support your child and family by providing expert evaluation and extensive education and support.

    For more information, please call (701) 323-6140.

  • Neonatal Intensive Care Follow-Up Clinic
    Graduates of the NICU are often at risk for delays in development. The NICU Follow-up Clinic is designed to monitor your infant's development and to provide you, the parent, with instruction and education.

    Your infant is assessed jointly by physical, occupational and speech therapists. Areas assess include gross motor skills, fine motor skills, feeding, sensory processing, pre-language skills and social/interaction skills. The parent(s) are present during the visits so it is also an opportunity for you to receive instructions and additional education related to your infant's development and risks.

    Referrals for the NICU Clinic are made by the neonatologist or primary physician when your infant is discharged from the NICU. The Clinic Coordinator arranges the follow-up appointment with the referring physician and pediatric therapists.

    The results and recommendations are discussed with the parent(s) and are provided to the referring physician.

    For more information, call (701) 323-6590.

  • Driver rehabilitation services
    Our driver evaluation and training program was created to help you resume your independent lifestyle following a disabling illness or injury.

    First in North Dakota, our therapists are certified driver rehabilitation specialists who will assess your ability to drive safely and can also train you in the use of adaptive equipment and assist with vehicle modification and selection for specific needs.

  • Lymphedema services
  • Consultation to schools, nursing homes and outside agencies

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