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Sanford Radiography Program:

Why students chose Sanford Radiography Program

  "I was excited about all of the hands-on (experience) that we have here for two years. The other shcool that accepted me was mostly book work and not nearly as much hands-on experience as Sanford Health. I also heard back from Sanford Health very quickly after my interview."

Heather, transfer from University of Mary

"I chose to come to Sanford's Radiography Program because of the excitement and energy that the instructors showed during my interview. I knew that I would enjoy being around that kind of excitement."

Michelle, transfer from Minot State University

Brittany   "I decided to come to Sanford Radiography Program because I thought the hospital was very warm, welcoming and clean. It was up-to-date on technology. I also chose to come here because I have the support of my friends and family. And, I have the opportunity to be able to be on the track team for the University of Mary while being in the program."

Brittany, transfer from the University of Mary

"I chose to come here because I really liked what I saw when I toured the facility; the technologists interacted with the students and treated them as equals. The department was very welcoming and everyone seemed to get along with each other. The hospital had a very warm feeling to it and people in the hallways were always smiling and saying hello. I knew that moving here for this internship would be a big adjustment, but my classmates and all the technologists have become a great support system for me."

Michelle, transfer from North Dakota State University

Keisha   "I decided to go to Sanford Health because I knew that you got a lot of hands-on experience, and that's how I learn best. During the interview, everyone was very nice which really helped me to relax. Also, it is close to all my family and friends."

Keisha, transfer from the University of Mary

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