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Sanford Health St. Vincent's Continuing Care Center

Pastoral care

Sanford Health St. Vincent's Continuing Care Center continues in the Catholic healthcare tradition. The Benedictine Sisters continue as the Catholic sponsors of the center and provide leadership in the area of spiritual care. Pastoral care services are offered to all Sanford Health St. Vincent's Continuing Care residents regardless of race, color, sex or creed. The pastoral care associates coordinate spiritual care for the residents. This includes religious services and prayer opportunities.

The pastoral care associates serve as leaders in meeting the spiritual needs of residents, families, associates and administration. An ethics committee meets regularly to ensure that the ethical directives are incorporated in resident care.

Mass and worship services are made available for all residents and coordinated by the department.

  • Daily Mass is offered and Sacraments are provided based on the needs and beliefs of the residents.
  • Worship services are held each week on Friday. Protestant ministers are contracted for the services and as needed for resident visits.
  • Pastoral care associates oversee and coordinate the ministry needs of the residents during the dying process and following the death of a resident.
  • Pastoral care is available seven days a week to ensure coverage of all religious rituals. A pastoral care associate is designated as on call to be available for spiritual care needs after regular business hours.

Pastoral Care offers a daily devotion that can be heard by calling (701) 323-8787.

Contact information
Snford Health St. Vincent's Continuing Care Center
(701) 323-1999

Sister Anna Rose Ruhland, pastoral care manager (701) 323-1969

Colleen Ressler, pastoral care associate (701) 323-1935

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Religious services

  • Catholic Mass: 11 a.m. daily except the second, third and fourth Fridays
  • Catholic Mass: 4 p.m. on the second, third and fourth Fridays
  • Worship Service: 11 a.m. on the second, third and fourth Fridays
  • Rosary: 4 p.m. Daily except the second, third and fourth Fridays
  • Stations of Cross: 4 p.m. Thursdays during Lent
  • Daily Prayer: Provided morning, noon and night over the public address system.
  • Anointing of the sick: Provided every three months to all Catholic residents and when requested due to a decline in health of a resident.
  • Confessions: 10:30—10:50 a.m. daily before Mass
  • Memorial Service: Annually (as scheduled)
  • Exposition of Blessed Sacrament: first Friday and second Saturday of each month following 11 a.m. Mass and closing with 4 p.m. Rosary

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