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Class descriptions

Fitness classes offer a structured workout that includes a warm-up, workout segment and cool down.

Classes vary from beginning to intermediate and advanced levels of fitness.

Our fitness classes will help to decrease body fat, improve cardiovascular performance and increase muscular strength, endurance and flexibility.

We do not offer Low Impact or Total Body circuit classes

On Saturday at 9am they offer an Instructor's choice- Check weekly schedule board. Classes offered are Zumba, spin II or Cardio Kickboxing

We offer several different types of classes including:

Boot Camp Cardio

Come join this fun, fast-paced athletic workout that mixes aerobic and strength exercises. This circuit/interval workout may include BOSU (Both Sides Utilitzed—mind and body strengthening), athletic drills, step, low impact, spin and kickbox in a format that is easy to follow but gives maximum results.

Cardio Dance

Women's Health Center groove class This dance fitness class consists of club, Latin and urban style moves and is a fun energizing workout. This class would be suitable for those who love dance fitness.

Cardio Kickboxing

This class is a fun and effective cardio workout that engages almost every muscle in your body. It consists of aerobics, boxing and martial arts.


Pilates focuses on breathing and concentration, abdominal control, head, cervical spine, rib cage and pelvic placement. It balances the muscles and improves the way your body looks and feels.


Women's Health Center power class Power is a 60-minute barbell program that strengthens all your major muscles in a motivating group environment with fantastic music and awesome instructors. With simple athletic movements such as squats, lunges, presses and curls, Power is for all ages and fitness levels. Commit to two classes a week and you will see results that you like and find new energey that you love.


Spinning® classes utilize specially designed stationary cycles which enable you to easily adjust the resistance to your own fitness level while still enjoying the motivation of a group setting.

Led by a specially trained instructor, these classes combine a foundation of basic cycling movements with positive
motivational techniques.

Inspirational music and a non-competitive environment insure a fun, safe and effective workout for all.

Women's Health Center spin class

Spin II

This class includes 60 minutes of spin time.

Spin III

This advanced class includes 90 minutes of spin time.

Tai Chi Foundations

Tai Chi is a set of movements, breathing techniques, stretching, self-massage/acupressure, and relaxation intended to balance the flow of Chi. It is appropriate for all levels of physical ability. Possible benefits include restored wellness, relaxation, core strengthening, balance, range of motion, strength/flexibility and a deeper connection to the rhythms of your body.

WillPower & grace®

WillPower & grace® is a high-energy, cardiovascular and muscular conditioning workout. It’s a fusion of polymetrics, yoga, calisthenics and Pilates: strong full-body functional exercises with inspiring, positive psychology. The training is barefoot, to correct imbalances in your ankles, knees and hips. This workout is equipment free and structured for all students of all levels.


We offer the following :

Flow Yoga

Uses breath-synchronized movement to build heat, concentration and relaxation. Sun salutations and beginner to intermediate poses/strengthening is included.

Gentle Yoga

This gentle form of yoga focuses on breathing, range of motion, postures and mind-body awareness. Results may include strength building, flexibility, relaxation and better posture. Use of props, including chairs, is encouraged.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga includes energizing movement. Those attending will learn advanced poses, including sun salutations, inversions and arm balances.


A fusion of Latin-inspired rhythms create a dynamic dance fitness workout designed to sculpt and tone while burning fat. This energizing, easy to follow dance fitness party will keep you coming back for more. Women's Health Center zumba class


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