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Walk-in clinic wait times

No appointment necessary. Wait times are updated
every 15 minutes.
   Approximate wait time
0—30 minutes 30—60 minutes
60+ minutes Outside regular
business hours


Sanford Health Walk-in Clinic
Serving all ages
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Sanford Downtown Walk-in Clinic
Serving all ages
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Sanford North Walk-in Clinic
Serving all ages
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Sanford Children's Walk-in Clinic
Serving children
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Patient stories

Minot stories


Have remote, will travel
Innovative leg therapy helps Crosby teenager ditch leg brace

Thanks to therapists such as Jackie Mrachek and the Active Leg program at
Medcenter One, Kelsey Busch has a much better gait.
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Healing touch
Blood clot leads to painful, slow-healing wounds

Ray Kuntz endured slow-to-heal wounds on his calf muscle. Healing the wounds was expedited using an innovative treatment available at Sanford Health.
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Heart procedure leads to worry-free winter in the sun

Following a heart procedure at Sanford Health, Roger Tofsrud was able to enjoy his winter in Arizona.
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Walking on sunshine
Treatment for peripheral arterial disease helps
Minot woman walking away from leg pain

Thanks to care from Sanford Health’s cardiovascular surgery team for her peripheral arterial disease, Sharon Nelson of Minot is again able to play games with her grandchildren.
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The gift of life
Man returns to his normal routine thanks to his wife's gesture

Polycystic kidney disease once robbed Kevin Dahly of his ability to play with his three young sons. Thanks to the transplanted kidney he received from his wife, Carol, Kevin is back in the game and leads an active life.
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Son steps up
Selfless act helps father get life back

Todd Westmeyer, right, gave his father, Ray, one of the greatest gifts of all when he donated a kidney.
Read Ray's story »
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