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'She's not stopping'

Toddler gets moving after physical therapy
Kassey Hojian is able to walk and run like most children her age after six weeks of therapy.
After six weeks of therapy at Sanford Rehabilitation Center, Kassy Hojian is able to walk and run like most children her age.
  When Kassy Hojian didn’t crawl as soon as her cousin who was born four days before her, Kassy’s mother, Mandy Hojian, wasn’t worried initially.

Kassy, who turns 2 in April, was born four months early, and she weighed 1.5 pounds at birth. Mandy and her husband, Curtis Hojian, could fit their wedding bands around Kassy’s arm she was so tiny.

After more time passed, though, and Kassy, the couple’s first child, still didn’t hit her developmental milestones on time even with a four-month adjustment to account for her early birth, the Hojians sought help.

When Kassy was 15 months old and couldn’t crawl, her parents brought her to Sanford Health to begin weekly physical therapy. Following six months of work with a Sanford Health physical therapist, Kassy not only could crawl, she could toddle around like most kids her age.

“Now that she started moving,” Curtis said, “she’s not stopping.”

“The earlier you can get assistance, the better off you’ll be,” Mandy said. “It’ll be less stressful. The therapy is actually fun. The children aren’t coming crying and leaving crying.”

Kiley Dosland, Sanford Health physical therapist, worked with the Hojians. During the physical therapy appointments, Dosland put Kassy through exercises to help spur her development, and the therapist also taught the parents ways they could work with Kassy at home in between sessions.

“They’re very supportive here and encouraging,” Mandy said. “They were always telling me Kassy would get where we wanted her to be.”

While Kassy took a little longer to crawl and walk, the Hojians are thankful she is otherwise healthy—except for one bout with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and pneumonia—after being born so early.

Over Thanksgiving, when Kassy started walking, the milestone led to even greater celebration than normal.

“We know how much she’s overcome,” Mandy said, as Kassy was racing around the room, alternately running to Mandy, Curtis and Dosland. “We remember
  Kiley Dosland, physical therapist at Medcenter One.
Kiley Dosland
Physical therapist
all the stuff that happened before.” The Hojian household is now baby-proofed with cabinets and cupboards having locks on them, but that doesn’t stop Kassy.

“We’ll find her in the closet or in her room rocking on the rocking chair,” Mandy said. “The next minute she’ll be somewhere else.”

The amount of progress Kassy has made since she first came to Sanford Health even leaves her physical therapist in awe.

“It’s amazing,” Dosland said. “I saw her for six months, and the amount of skills she developed in those six months is incredible.”

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