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Sanford Radiography Program:

Added expenses

Housing and transportation

All students are responsible for their own housing and transportation to and from the hospital.


Textbooks for the two years will be purchased by the faculty. Students receive them at the start of each year. Book fees are due annually on November 1. The total cost of books for the two years is approximately $900—$1,100.

Additional expenses

Junior year expenses Senior year expenses
Books $700
Less (acceptance fee) ($250)
Thyroid collar $50
Scrubs/shoes $200
Total: $700
Books $300
Review book $45
Online review $80
Application for Boards $200
Total: $625

Purchasing a thyroid collar is optional. This will be discussed with the student when they start the program. Information will be sent to the student in the Spring regarding ordering scrubs and purchasing shoes. All books will be ordered for the student. They will be distributed during orientation which will be the first week of school. Books must be paid annually by November 1. This does not include the review book.

The amounts listed above are estimates and are subject to slight changes.

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