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Sanford Health Radiography Program:

Admission information

The Sanford Radiography Program does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, creed, handicap, color, national origin, age or marital status in the recruitment and admission of students, or in the employment of faculty, as specified by federal laws and regulations. Sanford Health complies with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) and along with the Radiography Program will make reasonable accommodations available to qualified individuals (as defined by ADA) at a student’s request and explanation of need.


Admission into the Radiography Program is competitive. The school receives more than 45 applications each year and, from those, accepts five qualified applicants. Applicants admitted to the program must meet academic and professional admission standards.

Students must be enrolled and working towards earning their bachelor’s degree in Radiologic Technology from one of the four major campuses affiliated with Sanford Health:

  • University of Mary (Bismarck)
  • North Dakota State University (Fargo)
  • Minot State University
  • Jamestown College

Students must have an overall GPA of 2.75

Applicants must be able to perform the technical standards

Application process


All applicants must send a completed application to the program, postmarked by Jan. 1, to:

Program Director
Radiography Program
Sanford Medical Center
300 N. Seventh St.
Bismarck, ND 58501

Requirements: (these items must be included with the application)

  1. Responses to career statements (from application) typed on a separate sheet of paper. These will be used to evaluate writing and communication skills, neatness and organization.

  2. Two completed recommendation forms. One recommendation must be from an employer and one must be from an instructor or advisor who knows the student well. Forms must be placed in a sealed envelope and the evaluator must sign their name over the seal and write the applicant's name on the front of the envelope. These recommendations must be included along with the application.
    Click here for recommendation form »

  3. Official transcripts from every college attended (December transcripts may be sent separately).

  4. ACT scores (from high school transcript is acceptable).

  5. Technical Standards form must be signed by the student stating that they are capable of performing the required functions for the clinical setting.
    Click here for technical standards form»

  6. A $25 (non-refundable) check, payable to Sanford Health, as an application fee.

Application review and selection for admission

The student is responsible for assuring their file is complete prior to the admissions deadline. The application deadline is Jan. 1.

Only completed applications will be considered for an interview. Interviews are held in January.

Those students selected for interviews will be notified by e-mail with their interview date and time. Approximately twenty-five candidates will be interviewed. Five students are selected yearly. Selected applicants are given seven days to notify the program of their decision. If the program does not hear from the selected candidate within this seven-day timeframe, the position will be offered to an alternate student.

All applicants will be notified of their status by the end of January—early February.

Final admission

Admission is contingent upon:

  1. Submission of the $250 (non-refundable) acceptance fee. This money is applied toward the student's books in the fall.

  2. Completion and submission of all college coursework, prior to starting the program.

  3. Completion of the Sanford Radiography Program health form, including current immunization status and documentation of TB status.

  4. Completion of a criminal background check. Sanford Health will complete this at no charge to the student, prior to entering. The results of a criminal background check may determine whether or not a student may begin or continue in the Radiography Program.

    Students with previous convictions of a felony or misdemeanor should submit a pre-application to the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) to determine eligibility to take the national board examination. A criminal history could make a student ineligible to take the ARRT national board exam. The cost of this is approximately $100. For further information, or to contact ARRT, students should go to www.

  5. Admission is also contingent upon negative results of a pre-admission drug test. Sanford Health provides this at no charge to the student.

All of the information listed above and any required forms are sent to all "accepted" students during the month of May. The program begins the first Monday of August, annually.

Transfer students

The program does not accept transfer credits from other Radiography programs. The Sanford Health Radiography Program only accepts applicable general education credits from its affiliated colleges and universities.

Students must have completed at least two years of college requirements towards the bachelor's degree in Radiologic Technology before entering the program. The following courses must be included with a grade of "C" or higher in order to be eligible for admission into the Sanford Health Radiography Program.

Credits Course* Course number
3 credits College Algebra/Statistics or higher MAT103 or higher
3 credits Composition ENG101 or higher
8 credits Anatomy and Physiology I and II BIO207 or higher
3 credits Psychology or Sociology PSY111 or higher; SOC110 or higher

*In addition, students are encouraged to take an Oral Communications course.


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