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Injury prevention services

Industrial Athlete program

At the Sanford Health Occupational Medicine Clinic, we understand that keeping a worker?s body healthy and fit is the key to optimal performance while reducing injuries on the job. This decreases injury costs and increases productivity for your company. The purpose of the Industrial Athlete program is to develop a fitness program that is based on each worker's current fitness level, job tasks and fitness goals. The process also identifies limitations created by previous injuries or current problems and corrects them. The program includes strengthening and stretching specific to the worker that can improve health and decrease risk for injuries.

Program specifics

Prior to implementation of any strengthening or stretching program, a worker should be deemed physically fit to perform such a program. The Sanford Health Occupational Medicine Clinic staff can provide onsite or in clinic fitness evaluation. The screenings take roughly 15—30 minutes per worker and are completed by trained staff. We recommend these screenings be performed upon hiring and then annually to trend effectiveness.

Subsequent to fitness clearance, each worker will be provided with an individualized exercise program to include stretching and/or strengthening activities. This program is based on screening findings and functional task requirements of their job. It consists of instructional handouts and demonstrations by a qualified fitness expert. Benefits of the Industrial Athlete program:

  • Workers can report any physical concerns, before they become an injury, to a trained professional who will provide prevention techniques
  • Reducing healthcare costs by avoiding off-the-job injuries and improving overall health
  • Reducing injury claims and workers compensation costs
  • Recruitment and retention of workforce

Benefits of using Sanford Health Occupational Medicine Clinic:
  • Proven program from industrial medicine professionals
  • Program can be tailored to meet your companies needs
  • Cumulative company report
  • Annual company statistics
  • Onsite services—we can perform services at your company's location