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Employer services

Case management

The Sanford Health Occupational Medicine Clinic has on-site return-to-work case managers. Our case managers are registered nurses who assist workers seeking medical care at any of the Sanford Health facilities. Case management partners coordinate care and monitor restrictions for medical necessity and appropriateness. They provide recommendations, act as a liaison between the worker, employer, medical provider and claims adjuster at Workforce Safety and Insurance, and coordinate transitional work.

Employer information

  • Check out the accident right away. Assist your employee in obtaining prompt medical care and file a worker's compensation claim.
  • Inform your employees they need to contact you by telephone or in person every week and after every medical provider's appointment pertaining to the injury. Maintain positive communication with the worker to let them know how important they are to your business.
  • Develop a work plan. If you are unable to modify the injured worker's job to fit their restrictions, try looking for transitional work. Transitional work will allow your injured worker to transition back into the work environment. It also allows the worker to remain in the workplace until they have recovered sufficiently.
  • Examples of transitional work for a truck driver with a fractured ankle are: answering the telephone, performing inventory tasks while sitting on a wheeled chair, updating manuals, etc.
  • Also remember that you do not have to bring the worker back full-time during the recovery phase.
  • Inform your employees that they must stay within their medical provider's restrictions.
  • Call our case manager at (701) 323-5222 if any problems arise.
  • Seek medical care at the facility your employer has chosen.

Injured worker information

  • Inform your employer as soon as you are injured or think you may be injured. Seek medical care.
  • Communicate with your employer weekly and after every appointment pertaining to your injury.
  • Stay within your restrictions. If someone asks you to do something outside your restrictions—DON'T DO IT.
  • Transitional work may be offered to you that will be different from your regular job. This is temporary and your employer is helping you by providing this work. PLEASE NOTE that refusing to accept appropriate transitional work that is offered may have unwanted consequences.
  • Call our case manager at (701) 323-5222 if any problems arise.

Information about our medical providers

  • Our medical providers provide prompt and appropriate care.
  • Injury reports are completed by the medical provider detailing functional capabilities. If you are on our designated medical provider list, you will be faxed a copy of the medical provider's report of injury after each visit.
  • Our medical providers develop a treatment plan, which identifies physical abilities and includes using work as part of the recovery process.
  • Call our case manager at (701) 323-5222 if any problems arise.