April 14, 2014
New community effort to keep children with disabilities safe
(Bismarck, N.D.)—The Bismarck Police Department and the Sanford Health Dakota Children’s Advocacy Center (DCAC) have teamed up to develop a plan to improve outcomes of missing children with special needs in the Bismarck/Burleigh County area.

This plan includes:

  • Prior to the time of crisis: Gathering information from parents of children with special needs regarding the unique needs of their child and sharing the information gathered with law enforcement and the 911 dispatch system.
  • At the time of crisis: Using the information gathered prior to the event to better implement a timely response and return the child home safely.

If your child resides in the Bismarck/Burleigh area, the first step is to fill out the authorization form and questionnaire. Then send the information to the Bismarck Police Department. Both forms can be downloaded at bismarck.sanfordhealth.org/dcac, click “Community” on the left-hand side, then “Keeping children with disabilities safe.”

For more information, call the DCAC at (701) 323-5626.