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MammoSite radiation therapy system

Sanford Health, in partnership with the Bismarck Cancer Center, offers a new FDA-approved treatment method for breast cancer.

The MammoSite Radiation Therapy System (RTS) provides women the option of choosing a lumpectomy (surgery to remove the tumor)—instead of a mastectomy (surgery to remove the breast)—coupled with a targeted dose of radiation that is completed in five days instead of the traditional six to seven weeks. By internally delivering radiation directly to the tissue surrounding the original tumor, the MammoSite RTS also minimizes radiation exposure to healthy tissue.

For more information, call Sanford Radiology at (701) 323-5300.

How does MammoSite work?

The MammoSite is a small, soft balloon attached to a thin catheter (tube) that fits inside the lumpectomy cavity (the space left after the tumor is removed). A tiny radioactive seed is placed within the balloon by a computer-controlled machine.

Because the seed is inside the balloon, radiation is delivered to the area of your breast where cancer is most likely to recur. When used as primary therapy—the only form of radiation following a lumpectomy—you would receive treatments twice a day for five days.

If your doctor feels that whole-breast external beam radiation is more appropriate for you, the MammoSite may be used as boost therapy. This therapy combines the MammoSite with external beam radiation to deliver additional radiation directly to the area of the breast where cancer is most likely to recur. In this case, MammoSite therapy is delivered over one to two days.

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