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Sanford Nephrology (kidneys)

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Nephrology is the study of the kidney—its anatomy, physiology and pathology. Kidneys work to remove waste from the body, cleansing the normal waste that accumulates in body fluids and regulating essential chemicals and hormones. Diseases such as diabetes and hypertension can seriously impair the kidneys’ ability to function and can even lead to kidney failure. But proper medical treatment can help prevent or manage kidney disease.

Our nephrology department provides services for kidney diseases, high blood pressure, kidney and bladder infections, electrolyte imbalance, kidney stones, kidney dialysis and kidney transplants.

Our nephrologist also have the benefit of working closely with our team of medical specialists and with the Sanford Diabetes Care, an American Diabetes Association—certified education center to assure complete care.

Nephrology patients are offered treatment options like dialysis and transplants. The western region of Sanford Health provides dialysis services in Bismarck, Jamestown and Fort Yates. We offer peritoneal dialysis training and support for patients who choose this treatment option.

In 1988 legacy Medcenter One became the first healthcare center in North Dakota to perform kidney transplants. Kidney transplant patients from our area continue to receive this innovative treatment close to home. A patient undergoing a successful kidney transplant can lead a normal, totally independent life without having to undergo kidney dialysis three times a week. It's a new lease on life—without restrictions.

Before legacy Medcenter One began performing kidney transplants, the nearest transplant center was in Minneapolis. Patients no longer have to travel long distances for this lifesaving procedure. More than 350 patients have benefited from kidney transplants performed at what is now the western region of Sanford Health, which remains the only healthcare facility in our area to perform kidney transplants.

In addition, Sanford Health has been an innovator in treatment options for kidney dialysis. Sanford Health’s Tom & Frances Leach Bismarck Dialysis is the only free-standing kidney dialysis center in western North Dakota. In addition, Sanford Health also provides both chronic and acute hemodialysis at our Fort Yates and Jamestown locations.

Convenient care close to home

For your convenience, Sanford Nephrology specialists see patients in Bismarck, Fort Yates and New Town.


Daniel Keys, MD Daniel Keys, MD
Michael LeBeau, MD Michael LeBeau, MD

Nurse practitioners

Danielle McPherson Danielle McPherson, FNP
Julie Schmit, F.N.P. Julie Schmit-Tanous, FNP
Cindy Weigum, FNP

Liposorber treatment

For some people, even diet and prescription medications cannot effectively lower dangerously high levels of low density lipids (LDL), or bad cholesterol. These patients now have a new option called Liposorber treatment. Sanford Health is the only facility in North Dakota offering this advanced technology.

The Liposorber system works by removing the bad cholesterol from the blood. A needle is inserted into the patient's arm. The patient's blood flows through the Liposorber system, where the bad choesterol is removed. The blood, which now contains only good cholesterol, is returned to the patient through a second needle site. The process takes two to three hours.

A patient's LDL cholesterol level can be lowered by 73 percent to 83 percent after a single treatment. The Liposorber procedure is not a cure. Patients must continue to have treatments either every week or every other week for the rest of their lives to maintain the lowered cholesterol level.

Patients must meet specific criteria to be candidates for this procedure. Contact your doctor to help determine if Liposorber treatment is appropriate for you. For more information call
(701) 323-2800.

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The National Kidney Foundation Inc (NKF) is the major voluntary health organization dedicated to preventing kidney disease, improving the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by kidney disease and increasing the availability of all organs for transplantation. The NKF achieves life-saving results today through the contributions of a generous public including participation in NKF signature initiatives such as the Kidney Cars Vehicle Donation program, Kidney Walks and the NKF Golf Classic.

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