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Sanford Health Dakota Children's Advocacy Center

The Sanford Health Dakota Children's Advocacy Center is a program that is committed to improving the response to child abuse. We are a community partnership that utilizes a comprehensive multidisciplinary team approach to investigating child abuse.

Professionals from social services, law enforcement, prosecution, victim advocacy and the medical and mental health communities come together under one roof so that a child only has to tell of his or her abuse one time.

The DCAC is funded through grants, donations and third party payers.

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Finding help

The Sanford Health Dakota Childrenís Advocacy Center offers comprehensive, compassionate services to children and families who have been affected by abuse free of charge. Services include Evidence based Counseling for children and families of all ages, advocacy services for the non-offending caregiver, a forensic interview so that the child only has to tell their story one time in a child friendly environment and medical evaluations by a practitioner who specializes in child abuse.

When working with traumatized kids, professionals must have specialized training in the dynamics of child abuse. All of the staff at the Dakota Childrenís Advocacy Center have this specialized training, however, if you need to find someone out of our area included are some guidelines to help you find someone who will best be able to serve your family.

All professionals working with traumatized children should be trauma informed and have specialized training in evidenced based practices in child sexual abuse/trauma. If there is an allegation of child sexual abuse a referral to a mental health professional trained in child sexual abuse is almost always appropriate. The Treatment Collaborative for Traumatized Youth in North Dakota trains and provides consultation to therapists across the state. They have trained therapists in every region in North Dakota in evidence based treatments for children who have been sexually abused. Visit to find a trained therapist in your area.

North Dakota has three Childrenís Advocacy Centerís who specialize in child sexual abuse. Their mission is to coordinate with agencies and team members involved in the investigation, assessment and healing of child abuse to ensure that they build stronger cases and to ensure that the child and family donít fall through the cracks of the system. They have expertise in providing forensic interviews, medical exams, advocacy services and mental health therapy. Childrenís Advocacy Centers can also be a good resource of information on research and best practices in the field. To find the Childrenís Advocacy Center closest to you visit . For a state-by-state listing of accredited CACs, visit the website of the National Childrenís Alliance.

Contact information

Sanford Health Dakota Children’s Advocacy Center
200 E. Main Ave. #301 in Bismarck
Phone: (701) 323-5626
Fax: (701) 255-4495

128 First St. W. #2 in Dickinson*
Phone: (701) 323-5626
Fax: (701) 255-4495

*Appointments available Mondays

Sanford Health Dakata Children's Advocacy Center

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