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Sanford College of Nursing

Building for the Next Century campaign

Campaign update

You've invested some of the best years of your life at the Sanford College of Nursing. Perhaps it's time to invest again.

Under the theme "A century of serving humanity," the Sanford College of Nursing 100th anniversary celebration honored and celebrated its rich heritage, showcased its mission, recognized the college's achievements and launched the Building for the Next Century campaign.

The current facility was built in 1982 and still features the original carpets, wall-coverings and inadequate storage space. Additionally, the furnishings are showing the wear and tear of nearly 30 years of student activity. Some of the technology recently purchased for the college cannot be used to its full potential without essential updates like spotlights and large projection screens for the classrooms.

With your help, the Sanford College of Nursing seeks to remodel and refurbish the current facility and upgrade the technology. This effort is critical to the college's mission of educating, influencing and inspiring first-class graduates. Your gift toward the Building for the Next Century campaign will help create a learning environment that inspires bright minds and promotes students' physical and mental wellbeing.

This campaign has been a huge success. Through the generosity of our alumni, we are only $30,000 away from our goal. It's not too late to be a part of this project. We need your help.

Would you consider a gift of $100, $75, $50 or $25 to help us to achieve our goal of $130,000?

We hope you will.


Make a donation

Click here to make a donation. Be sure to type in the "Additional comments" box that you want your gift to go toward the Building for the Next Century campaign. Or, make your check payable to the Sanford Health Foundation and write"Building for the Next Century" in the memo line. Checks can be mailed to:

Sanford Health Foundation
300 N. Seventh St.
Bismarck, N.D. 58501

Please call the Sanford Health Foundation with any questions about this campaign at 701.323.8450.

Thank you for your kind and generous support.


Opportunities for building

The most common method of making a gift is to contribute cash. You may benefit from such gifts with a charitable deduction on your tax return. Many supporters choose to make a cash gift over a period of two to three years in order to maximize their gift.

Planned gifts
Planned giving involves carefully selecting the best method and asset for making a charitable gift. Such a gift can enable you to accomplish financial and charitable goals by taking full advantage of tax laws.

Stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares that have appreciated can immediately impact our campaign and create an income tax deduction for you based on the current value. Because there is no capital gains tax on donations, it is possible to double tax savings on shares held for over a year. To maintain the tax advantages, it is critical to transfer securities, rather than the proceeds from the sale, to the Sanford College of Nursing.

Life insurance
You can give of gift of life insurance by making the Sanford College of Nursing the owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy. IRA rollovers or other saleable property Gifts of IRA rollovers or other readily saleable property will also be accepted for this campaign.

Sanford Health associates may consider gifts of PTO.


Current needs

To keep pace with technology and healthcare changes and continue providing a high quality nursing education, the Sanford College of Nursing needs $100,000 to remodel, refurbish and upgrade this vitally important educational institution.


Remove old lockers, repair walls, purchase and install new lockers  
Remove bathtubs in health assessment lab, create new storage rooms  


Remove and install new flooring on the first floor  
Paint classrooms, hallways and offices  
Repaint legs of tables in classrooms  
Replace table and chairs for conference room  
Art work and miscellaneous interior design improvements  


Ceiling mounts in classrooms for two LCD projectors  
Spotlights for classrooms 139 and 141  
Large screen for classrooms 139 and 141  
Video equipment for health assessment lab
(site of METI Patient Simulator)
Capital reserved for future needs  

Grand total of project:


In order to raise the funds needed for our Building for the Next Century campaign, we need your help in the form of donations. The following is an estimate of the gifts needed to reach our campaign's goal.

Gift range
Number of gifts
Less than $500
More than 100

Sanford College of Nursing has established recognition levels for contributors, representing the ranges of support for the college's Building for the Next Century campaign.

$20,000 or more
Less than$100


Pediatric simulator will teach students how to care for children

Five-year-old Hal was recently admitted to the pediatric unit with a medical diagnosis of asthma. He is wheezing, coughing, short of breath. He is also anxious and slightly agitated. Sally, a student nurse, places an oxygen mask on Hal as she continues the admission assessment. After completing her assessment, the student looks to her professor for direction.

As you know, pediatric clinical experiences depend upon the availability of hospitalized patients. Compressed length of stay and a trend to outpatient care leave little time for teaching students to care for the hospitalized pediatric patient. As a result, students may never see a patient with a particular diagnosis during their clinical rotations.

HAL is a pediatric patient simulator who imitates the medical conditions and responses of a five-year-old child. Training with a high-fidelity pediatric simulator like HAL would enhance students' clinical practice experiences. In the simulation lab, students are kept busy the entire time and are guaranteed to see patients with a given condition. Instructors can focus their simulation lessons on cases the students need to experience and make each lesson increasingly complex.

By having Hal available for our students, they will gain the experience needed to care for children with conditions such as diabetic ketoacidosis, pneumonia or a ruptured appendix along with many other medical conditions. Through the use of patient simulators, our students are expected to be nurses, not simply observers. They practice, correct their errors and have an opportunity to reflect on what happens and the consequences of their actions.

According to Noel Miller, registered nurse and clinical coordinator for the Sanford Health Children's Hospital, "The Children's Hospital has a pediatric intensive care unit. HAL would be used in teaching pediatric nurses how to care for a critically ill child that may need mechanical ventilation or is having a seizure. The addition of HAL into our college curriculum and continuing education protocols would insure a higher quality of care, correlating theory with clinical practice."

With gifts donated to our Building for the Next Century campaign, we are planning to purchase five-year-old Hal, at a cost of $21,995.


The joy of giving

"We are big believers in education. Medicine has always been very dear to our hearts. Now, more than ever, I'm very aware of the need for nurses. The need is going to grow in our time more than ever before. We think the College of Nursing is a win-win for the community and the young people going into nursing. Sanford Health and the College of Nursing should be proud of the caliber of nurses coming out of the college. Giving is important to us. It's about a three letter word: joy. You always get back more than you give."

Betty (Jakle) Koster, a 1955 Sanford College of Nursing graduate, and her husband Merrill Koster


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