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Financial information

Payment of accounts

All student accounts must be paid in full by the fourteenth day of instruction. If payment is not received or special arrangments made by the fourteenth day, students will be charged a late fee of $5 per day, not exceed $15.

After the twentieth day of instruction, any student with an outstanding balance will be dropped from enrollment and will be required to pay a $25 late registration fee to re-register.

Refund policy

Any student who wishes to withdraw from all classes at Sanford College of Nursing must follow the current withdrawal policy.

A student who withdraws during the first ten (10) instructional days of a regular term shall receive a 100% refund of tuition and fees. Terms shorter than a regular term shall have a prorated refund schedule based on the length of the term and the number of days attended.

The refund shall be calculated from the date the official withdrawal was initiated in the Registrar's office. Any student who has attended greater than 60% of the enrollment period is considered to have no refund. Any student officially withdrawing from the College during the semester will receive a refund based on the following percentages:

  • First ten instructional days of semester: 100% refund
  • After first ten instructional days: Calculation based on the number of days in the enrollment period which the student attended the College. The percent of the refund is computed by dividing the number of days completed in the semester by the total number of days in the semester, up to and including 60% of the enrollment period. If a student officially withdraws after the 60% enrollment period has been completed, no refund will be given. The refund is attributable to tuition and fees.

Return of Title IV Aid:

Any student who receives federal Title IV financial aid, attends Sanford College of Nursing and subsequently withdraws from all classes is subject to the federal Return of Title IV Aid Policy mandated by the Department of Education.

The amount of Title IV aid earned by the student is calculated based on the number of days completed in the enrollment period. The percentage is then applied to the aid received to determine the amount of aid a student has earned. The earned aid amount is then subtracted from the total amount of federal Title IV aid received or could have been received by the student and the difference must be returned to the appropriate financial aid programs.

A student who withdraws after the 60% point in the semester is considered to have earned 100% of their federal Title IV aid and no return of funds is required.

Returns to Federal Title IV financial aid programs must be made in the following order of priority:

  1. Federal Unsubsidized Direct Loans
  2. Federal Subsidized Direct Loans
  3. Federal Perkins Loans
  4. Federal Direct PLUS Loans
  5. Federal Pell Grants
  6. Federal Supplemental Grants
  7. Other federal, state, private, or institutional financial assistance
  8. Student

Application of repayments to Federal Title IV aid:

For the payment period, it will be determined whether the student received an overpayment of federal financial aid funds for noninstitutional expenses. The overpayment is the difference between the amount received by the student as a cash disbursement and the amount earned for noninstitutional cost during the portion of the enrollment period which was completed.

Federal Unsubsidized Direct loans, Subsidized Federal Direct loans, Federal Perkins loans, and Nursing loans are excluded from immediate repayment since the student is already obligated to repay the funds to the lender. The following priorities apply in repaying Title IV programs within 30 days:

  1. Federal Pell Grant
  2. Federal Supplemental Grants (SEOG)

The overpayment will be calculated according to the Federal Return of Title IV Funds Policy. Overpayments made for noninstitutional costs from Federal Pell Grants and SEOG will be repaid by the student at 50% of the repayment amount.

The College is not liable for the amount of return of funds owed by the student. A student that owes a return of funds on Federal Pell Grant, SEOG, or state grants is ineligible for further Title IV aid until the payment is made. This overpayment will be reported to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) and will be noted on any manual financial aid transcripts sent to any other institutions that the student has applied for aid.

Class changes

Any student who drops below 12 credits within the first ten instructional days of instruction will receive 100% refund of tuition. This refund of tuition will be the difference between full time tuition charge and part time tuition charge. After the tenth day, there will be no refunds for any classes dropped. No refund will be permitted for any student who is still enrolled in 12 or more credits. The refund is calculated from the date on which the completed withdrawal form is received, not from the last day of classes attended. Non attendance of classes does not constitute an officical withdrawal.


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