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Sound beginnings

Initial hearing screening

This is an initial hearing screening performed on all infants born at Sanford Health.

A baby born with any sort of hearing loss is at risk of not having normal language development. The Sound Beginnings Program was started to discover and treat hearing loss. The sooner it is noticed, the fewer long term problems the child will have.

Newborns are screened for hearing loss with different tests which help to evoke responses from the baby. The tests are safe and are given while the baby sleeps. Even with the slightest concern, follow-ups are always recommended.

Hearing development checklist:

Birth to 3 months of age

  • Blinks or jumps when there is a sudden, loud sound
  • Quiets or smiles when spoken to
  • Makes sounds like "ohh", "ahh"

3—6 months

  • Looks for sound with eyes
  • Starts babbling ("baba", "mama", "gaga")
  • Uses many sounds, squeal, and chuckles

6—9 months

  • Turns head toward loud sounds
  • Understands "no-no" or "bye-bye"
  • Babbles, for example "baba", "mama", "gaga"

9—12 months

  • Repeats simple words and sounds you make
  • Correctly uses "mama" or "dada"
  • Resonds to singing music

The consequences of delaying treatment are too great if a hearing problem exists. If you have questions concerning your baby's hearing test results, please contact your doctor. Or, call
(701) 323-8921. To learn more about our audiology department, click here.


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