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Sanford Downtown Walk-in Clinic
Serving all ages
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Sanford North Walk-in Clinic
Serving all ages
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Sanford Children's Walk-in Clinic
Serving children
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Sanford Health Walk-in Clinic
Serving all ages
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Sanford Health Walk-in Clinic
Serving all ages
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Sanford Birth Center


This is a list of all the babies currently posted on our website.
Click on a baby's name to view his/her announcement.
Baby's name
  Apr. 21   Henry Axel   Susan and Jordan
  Apr. 21   Angela Yuliana   Danielle and Jeovanni
  Apr. 7   Paxton Lee   ShanLee and RJ
  Apr. 21   Aspen Elise   Sheila and Brian
  Apr. 21   Themis Irina J'Beth   Shaye and Dallas
  Apr. 20   Aiden Brey   Cassie and Eric
  Apr. 19   Quest Koa   Brianna and Nakoa
  Apr. 20   Olivia Mae   Jennifer and Trevor
  Apr. 19   Emma Olivia   Nicole and Mike
  Apr. 18   Elliot Duke   Chelsea and Jesse
  Apr. 18   Natalia Rayne   Jessicah and Jalen
  Apr. 18   Nora Danielle   Danielle and Cody
  Apr. 18   Gavin Alan   Jennifer and Greg
  Apr. 17   Harper Noel   Lynsey and Matthew
  Apr. 18   Lia Drew   Carlynn and Andrew
  Apr. 17   Kinley Erikka   Kristin and Kevin
  Apr. 16   Hayden Layne   Courtney
  Apr. 17   Jonah Matthew   Sheri and Matthew
  Apr. 16   Sutton Dakane   Kayla
  Apr. 14   Ryker John   Carissa and Brent
  Apr. 15   Hunter-Lea Ja'nace   Christina and Kirk
  Apr. 16   Jet Patrick   Haley and Tyler
  Apr. 16   Kennedy Jo   Kayla and Brad
  Apr. 15   James Jack   Kristine and Jason
  Apr. 15   Dori Rae   Krystal and Cody
  Apr. 14   Melinda Kathleen   Stormie and Shane
  Apr. 12   Maci Mae Arionna   Tara and Greg
  Apr. 14   Maverick John   Jenny and Jacob
  Apr. 13   Brody James   Robin and Travis
  Apr. 14   Laci Brielle   Brittney and Ryan
  Apr. 13   Natalie Rose   Jessica and Riley
  Apr. 12   Colton Michael   Danielle and Daniel
  Apr. 12   Anja Pearl   Bethany and Eric
  Apr. 11   Jovie Elizabeth   Autumn and Wade
  Apr. 12   Kaitlyn Rose   Brandy and James
  Apr. 12   Gracie June   Shauna and Derek
  Apr. 11   Allison Faith   Ashley and Patrick
  Apr. 4   Hadley Jayne   Heather and Brody
  Apr. 10   Jacob Elwood   Emily and Kris
  Apr. 11   Payton Lynn   Brittany and Troy
  Apr. 10   Liliann Peuna   Desirae and Clinton
  Apr. 10   Colton Wayne   Courtney and Jason
  Apr. 8   Olivia Janice   Rebecca and Kyle
  Mar. 25   Haley Josephine   Loretta
  Apr. 8   Benjamin Mark   Lindsay and Steve
  Apr. 8   Londyn Noel   Tanya and Christopher
  Apr. 8   Kinsley Ann   Tia and Aaron
  Apr. 8   Evelyn LouAnn   Casey and Nick
  Apr. 8   Jackson James   Jennifer and Jonathan
  Apr. 9   Brooklyn Mae   Amanda and Michael
  Apr. 5   Miles Micheal   Amanda and Shane
  Apr. 8   Ty Jacob   RaeAnn and Caleb
  Apr. 6   Angelo Isaac   Elena and Cristopher
  Apr. 6   Graysen Mitchell   Heaven and Mitchell
  Apr. 4   Jase Kenneth   Rachel and Lance
  Apr. 5   Natalie Ann   Tara and Michael
  Apr. 4   Everly Roni   Kirsten and Matthew
  Apr. 4   Luke Bryan   Amy and Chad
  Apr. 4   Beckett James   Amanda and Dylan
  Apr. 3   Monroe Douglas   Carmen and Tyrone
  Apr. 3   Zoey Kaye   Brittany and Logan
  Apr. 3   Zoey Kaye   Brittany and Logan
  Apr. 3   Sofia Tattoo   Pearl and Steve
  Apr. 3   Callie Ann   Bridget and Justin
  Apr. 2   Lexus Elaine   Jessica and Luke
  Apr. 3   Lincoln Donald   Kaela and Justin
  Apr. 1   Ellie Marie   Erica and Matthew
  Mar. 31   Abel James   Lea and Jerad
  Apr. 1   Ahlayah Jazmin   Jewel
  Mar. 31   Amelia Grace   Cassandra
  Mar. 31   Nora Renae   Shawna and Derek
  Mar. 31   Brooklynn Paige   Jessica and Brian
  Mar. 30   Shiloh Brooke   Aly and Dan
  Mar. 31   Nicholas Augustus   Sierra and Nicholas
  Mar. 30   Neo Wayne   Jessica and Ryan
  Mar. 29   Liam Charles Terrance   Amie and Chad
  Mar. 28   Cooper David   Tiffany and Al
  Mar. 29   Isley Eugene   Andrea and Matthew
  Mar. 28   Bentley David   Jennifer and Michael
  Mar. 29   Jack Ruben   Alayna and Jesse
  Mar. 27   Khloe Rose   Kelly and Richard
  Mar. 27   Remington Grant   Kandas
  Mar. 27   Landri Sage   Kendra and Scott
  Mar. 27   Axel Herb   Natasha and Christian
  Mar. 27   Bennett Alan   Jacelyn and Preston
  Mar. 26   Kaeson Stanley   Shelby and Randy
  Mar. 26   Finley Faith   Morgan
  Mar. 26   Pheonix Oliver Paul   Krissy and Robert
  Mar. 26   Lily Ann   Amanda and Christopher
  Mar. 25   Taesen Anthony   Adrianna and Saige
  Mar. 25   Adrianna Dayton   Kennedy and Wyatt
  Mar. 24   Katelyn Eleanor   Sheyna and Neal
  Mar. 24   Parker Lynn   Lindsey
  Mar. 24   Kingston Sylas Ray   Amber and Stevie
  Mar. 24   Aries James   Sabrina
  Mar. 22   Stella Rae Alyda   Deanna and Derek
  Mar. 23   Anastazja Sylvia Elizabeth   Cassandra and Jonathan
  Mar. 22   Brynlee Mary   Hannah and Tony
  Mar. 23   Lyrik Kye   Ceara
  Mar. 22   Aniyaah Audrey   Violet and Samuel
  Mar. 21   Harper Elaine   Erica and Ethan
  Mar. 21   Zoe Olivia   Michelle and Jayme
  Mar. 21   Ulysses R. Joash   Mya and Justin
  Mar. 15   Daniel Devin   Alicia and Daniel
  Mar. 20   Ronin Ivan   Joni and Chris
  Mar. 18   Austin James   Kayla and Robert
  Mar. 19   Aaron Tyler   Rosemary and Justin
  Mar. 17   Griffin Xavier   Kaylee and Derek
  Mar. 18   Mataya Hope   Alicia and Chad
  Mar. 18   Skyla Jean   Danielle and Roger
  Mar. 16   Camry Lynn   Caressa and Chris
  Mar. 17   Benson Saige   Kayla and Beau
  Mar. 16   Gavin William   Katie and Scott
  Mar. 16   Owen Kole   Stephanie and Jordan
  Mar. 14   Grayson Lee   Amanda and Whitney
  Mar. 12   Kambree Allaura Sara   Christian and Jonathan
  Mar. 14   Piper Ann   Sarah and Nathan
  Mar. 13   Jocelyn Minnie Irene   Kelly and Travis
  Mar. 13   Joseph Vincent Louis   Kat and Dustin
  Mar. 12   Vivian Amiya   Vivian and Jason
  Mar. 11   Aspen Brooke   Carissa and William
  Mar. 12   Kendallyn Rose   Justice and Kendall
  Mar. 11   Mia-Koda Jade   Shantell
  Mar. 11   Everly Maxine   Whitney and Spencer
  Mar. 11   Raiden Dean   Courtney and Bradley
  Mar. 6   Angelus Julien   Rochelle
  Mar. 9   Jace Robert   Katina and Jared
  Nov. 27   Savannah Ann   Tanya and Brian
  Mar. 8   Bradley Alexander   Dolorosa and Rogelio
  Mar. 9   Hannah Naomi   Katherine and Damian
  Mar. 7   Abigail Lynn   Jessica and Kyle
  Mar. 7   Bailey Rae   Karry and Dustin
  Mar. 6   Roman Enzo   Lindsey and Brent
  Mar. 7   Jack Henry   Heather and Brandon
  Mar. 7   Emma Ann   Jessica and Andy
  Mar. 6   Zayda Gene   Amber and Mike
  Mar. 6   Cedar Rain   Kate and Lance
  Mar. 5   Ghost Trail Woman   Carmen and Bears
  Mar. 4   Nora Rose   Erin and Chad
  Mar. 4   Hudson Michael   Kati and James
  Mar. 4   Kameron Cain   Jacqueline and Patrick
  Mar. 3   Patrisha Mae   Kayla and Patrick
  Mar. 2   MaryAnna Josephine   Christine
  Mar. 3   Emelia Lee   Kristin and Zach
  Mar. 2   River Alexander   Kaela and Robert
  Feb. 25   Ryder Jace   Trisha and Oral
  Feb. 28   Rebekah Pearl   Mary and James
  Feb. 28   Madelynn Marie   Lisa and James
  Feb. 28   Alexander Randall   Leanne and Ricky
  Feb. 27   Joseph Grant   Rachel and Anthony
  Feb. 14   Zane McCane   Masey and Cody
  Feb. 27   Zayden Kelly   Latasha and Kelly
  Feb. 27   Kayden Lee   Destinie
  Feb. 26   Ty Daniel   Jody and Monte
  Feb. 27   Carter Joseph   Tiffany and Julian
  Feb. 26   Bentley Dahlen   Destiny and Quetin
  Feb. 26   Bentley Dahlen   Destiny and Quetin
  Feb. 26   Kirlyam Serenity Rae   Tamara and Taylor
  Feb. 26   Duke Jon   Robyn and Beau
  Feb. 26   Riley Jay   Sheena and Thomas
  Feb. 25   Hudson Lief   Tracy and Joseph
  Feb. 25   Easton James   Taylor and Colin
  Feb. 24   Ethan Ray   Patricia and Brandon
  Feb. 24   Nolan Roy   Kelly and Jarad
  Feb. 23   Emmett Sean   Becky and Matt
  Feb. 23   Zoey Raeanna   Karen and Jessey
  Feb. 22   Kaeva Mae   Kateri and Randal
  Feb. 22   Phoenix King   Tia and Basil
  Jan. 26   Danica Rae   Cassaundra and Chad
  Feb. 20   Kenleigh Caroline   Lacy and Cory
  Feb. 20   Brekka Mae   Lacy and Cory
  Feb. 21   Mara Merrae   Patrina
  Feb. 20   Kenleigh and Brekka   Lacy and Cory
  Feb. 21   Claire Elizabeth   Emily and Andy
  Feb. 20   William Donald   Alexis and William
  Feb. 20   Mia Nicole Sue   Nicole
  Feb. 20   Elyse D'Leigh   Jessica and Jayce
  Feb. 20   Cali Kay   Ashley and William
  Feb. 19   Talen Robert   Joyal and Joel
  Feb. 19   Hudson Paul   Joyal and Joel
  Feb. 19   Hudson Paul and Talen Robert   Joyal and Joel
  Feb. 19   Savayla Joynita   Trista and Savoy
  Feb. 18   Charlie Palmer   Bailee and Thomas
  Feb. 19   Datio Matthew Lawrence   Sundae
  Feb. 18   Clara Mae   Rachel and Aaron
  Feb. 16   Kristina Faith   Lyubov and Oleg
  Feb. 15   Layne Paul   Michele and Brian
  Feb. 15   Colten James   Melissa
  Feb. 15   Cooper Adley   Christy
  Feb. 14   Deviah Destery   Elizabeth and Devin
  Feb. 13   Aria Toby   Tabitha and Nicholas
  Feb. 13   Harrison Jon   Amanda and Jon
  Feb. 12   Caleb Matthew   Julia
  Feb. 13   McKenzie Donell   Kristen and Jesse
  Feb. 12   Peyton Elizabeth   Jill and Eric
  Feb. 12   Ivy DeLaine   Heather and Trenton
  Feb. 11   Liam Alden   Lorena and Jerod
  Feb. 12   Dean Thomas   Megan and Troy
  Feb. 10   Isaak Benjamin   Megan and Joseph
  Feb. 10   Kinzley Rae   Kylie and Cam
  Feb. 9   Eliot Grant   Ashton and Jeremy
  Feb. 9   Parker James   Danielle and Robert
  Feb. 9   Savanna Leigh   Jennifer and Michael
  Feb. 7   Christina Marie   Susan and Paul
  Feb. 7   Elsie Clara   Anne and Sean
  Feb. 8   Linus Otto   Jessica and Reggie
  Feb. 7   Romeo Abel   Nayeli and Francisco
  Feb. 6   Charlie Arlyss   Morgan and Chris
  Feb. 6   Malia Rose   Victoria and Tevita
  Feb. 5   Wo'wila Jeanne Marie   Memoree and KJ
  Jan. 30   Milo Kristopher   Jessica and Michael
  Feb. 4   Gavin Michael   Heidi and Wade
  Feb. 4   Jacob James   Heidi and Mike
  Jan. 29   Olivia Rose   Elizabeth and Mark
  Feb. 4   Tayden Neel   Amy and Jason
  Feb. 3   Dannilyn Bernadette   Cindy and Duran
  Feb. 4   Ari Lee   Kelly and Robert
  Feb. 3   Alaina Kelly   Arianna and Peyton
  Feb. 3   Jaxson David   Joyce and Sean
  Feb. 3   Isabella Sheryl Ann   Kodi and Ian
  Feb. 1   Casslin Lucille   Caitlin and Coty
  Feb. 2   Eva Mae   Kelly and Keith
  Jan. 31   Andrea Amani   Jessica and Salvador
  Feb. 1   Natellie June   Alexis and Casey
  Jan. 31   Alaria Elizabeth   Elisa
  Jan. 30   Annaley Mae   Janell and Craig
  Jan. 29   Morining Blossom   Sandra and Terrance
  Jan. 29   Nathaniel Jade   Shelagh and Tatum
  Jan. 28   Shayda Marie   Shanda and Don
  Jan. 29   Harper Ryley   Kendra and Kenny
  Jan. 28   Khloe JoAnn   Ashley and Jarett
  Jan. 28   Ryder   Allison and Bartley
  Jan. 28   Ridge Joseph   Katherine and Reid
  Jan. 27   Shaya Marie   Blaise and Corey
  Jan. 29   Rylee Dawson   Kourtenay and Eric
  Jan. 27   Presley King   Nicole
  Jan. 27   Hayden Mon'Roe   Sadie and Tyler
  Jan. 27   Rising Eagle Exaxbe   Louise and Waylon
  Jan. 27   Tyson James   Abri and Adam
  Jan. 25   Shaylee Mae   Sheralee
  Jan. 22   Destin Levi   Mandy and Cody
  Jan. 26   Amias Kelan   Dana
  Jan. 26   Gabriela Marie   Angelina and Jean
  Jan. 21   Brooklyn Marie   Alicia and Kyle
  Jan. 24   Jayceon Calvin   Latoya and Paul Jr.
  Jan. 24   Beckett Matthew   Amanda and Matthew
  Jan. 24   Harley Annette   Crystal and Ryan
  Jan. 21   Bowen Robert   Lyndra and Joseph
  Jan. 25   Haylee Mae   Chelsey and Michael
  Jan. 25   Haylee Mae   Chelsey and Michael
  Jan. 24   Skylee Rose   Amber and Joseph
  Jan. 24   Bowen Dale   Sheena and Coltin
  Jan. 21   Lourdes Gail   Tasha
  Jan. 22   Brynleigh Janell   Andrea and Eric
  Jan. 22   Dominic Rick   Aimee and Eric
  Jan. 21   Violet Karen   Alicia and Lindsey
  Jan. 21   Jace Marcus   Theresa and Justin
  Jan. 21   Nevaeh Julia   Nicole and Matthew
  Jan. 21   Elijah Joseph   Aspen and Christopher
  Jan. 20   Case Andrew Neil   Rebecca and Dustin
  Jan. 20   Gavyn Craig   Lynnzi and Jason
  Jan. 19   Colton Robert   Crystal and Brian
  Jan. 19   Bodie Raymond   Amber and Marcus
  Jan. 18   Sawyer JoAnne   Shannon
  Jan. 17   Coltyn Knute   Jody and Cory
  Jan. 17   Kinzlee Storm   Dusty and Delmer
  Jan. 17   Vina Lei   Gina and Vanh
  Jan. 15   Kendyl Faith   Lacey and Tyler
  Jan. 16   Easton Allen   Crystal and Theo
  Jan. 15   Christian Joseph   Lacey and Craig
  Jan. 16   Sylvee Elizabeth   Kayla and Travis
  Jan. 16   Rex Allen   Jennifer and Paul
  Dec. 26   Maxxan Corey   Leili and Thomas Jr.
  Jan. 15   Ian Russell   Daphne and Reginald
  Jan. 14   Leah Marie   Traci
  Jan. 14   Wesley Tyler Jr.   Hillary and Wesley
  Jan. 14   Calvin Wayne   Kayla and Skylar
  Jan. 13   Knox Douglas   Amy and Luke
  Jan. 13   Alaska Madden Lenn   Amanda and Nevada
  Jan. 12   Tommiah Lee   Lauren and Tommy
  Jan. 5   Landon Todd   Ashley and Derrick
  Jan. 9   Avery Rose   April and Zach
  Dec. 21   Emma Jean   Roxanne and Daniel
  Jan. 10   Skie Inez   Amanda and Dallas
  Jan. 9   Harmony Faith   Lisa and Emeka
  Jan. 9   Noah Eric   Candace and Chad
  Jan. 9   Alivia Joy   Anna and Lance
  Jan. 10   Myla KayLynn   Adrianne
  Jan. 9   Jayde Jordan   Charmaine and Jaycob
  Jan. 9   Aliannah Janelle   Kezwin and David
  Jan. 8   Americka Diondra   Elva
  Jan. 8   Monty Kenneth Hollow Jr.   Tiffany and Monty
  Jan. 7   Kilynn LaFae   Darlene and Monchunonzhin
  Jan. 7   Ryker Rea   Jennifer and Carl
  Jan. 6   Madelyn Gracyn   Amanda
  Jan. 7   Aackley Wayne   Tracy and Jamey
  Jan. 6   Destrey   Eudora and Derek
  Nov. 22   James Leigh   Heather and Trevor
  Jan. 6   Roman Wayne   Kylie
  Jan. 6   Kinley Rae   Angie and Kelly
  Jan. 6   Luke Christopher   Jami and Chris
  Jan. 6   Avery Wyatt   Mary and Joseph
  Jan. 4   Cora Cecilia   Courtney and Jeremy
  Dec. 28   Elijah Jayce   Amanda and Wyett
  Jan. 3   Caroline Rose   Abigail and Christopher
  Jan. 2   Lauryn Mae   Tascha and Shawn
  Jan. 3   Ethan Theodore   David and Hannah
  Jan. 2   Kambree Lee   Caitlin and Richard
  Jan. 2   Hendrik Martin   Jenny and IW
  Jan. 1   Valentine Lily   Amy and Charlie
  Jan. 2   Simon Richard   Holly and Russel
  Nov. 28   Samuel John & Lucy Rose   Simone and Jesse
  Nov. 28   Samuel John   Simone and Jesse
  Nov. 28   Lucy Rose   Simone and Jesse
  Dec. 31   Trinicee Kaie   Brooke and Ronald
  Dec. 18   Wyatt David   Courtney and Hunter
  Dec. 31   Kate Anne   Katherine and Dustin
  Dec. 31   Charles Lee   Lindsey and Harrison
  Dec. 30   Zander Keith   Tori and Jacob
  Dec. 10   Silas Adler   Tia and Steven
  Dec. 30   Elainalacheres Jhalaiciah   Dawn and Lyndell
  Dec. 29   Charlee Mae   Lakyn
  Dec. 25   Kason Todd   Danielle and Rodney
  Dec. 28   Emma Ray   Karissa and Adam
  Dec. 27   Jace Joseph   Ashlen and Sheridan
  Dec. 27   Aria Michele   Shayla and Shawn
  Dec. 26   Beckham Cruz   Ashley and Tyler
  Dec. 26   Hailey Marie   Brooke and Shawn
  Dec. 26   Hunter James   Alicia and Tyler
  Dec. 26   Hunter James   Alicia and Tyler
  Dec. 26   Hunter James   Alicia and Tyler
  Dec. 25   SunE Denise Kay   Maelene and Nathaniel
  Dec. 25   Ella Grace   Amanda and Michael
  Dec. 24   Milo Darwin   Emily and Brandon
  Dec. 24   Owen Lee   Kimberly and Donald
  Dec. 23   Addysen Rae   Erin and Johnathan
  Dec. 22   Trevor John   Samantha and Scott
  Dec. 23   Jaxson Harris   Andrea and Stephen
  Dec. 21   Abigail RaeAnn   Terry and Steve
  Dec. 23   Benjamin Lynn   Heather and Casey
  Dec. 22   Jeweliyah Diana Renee   Jessica and Shawn
  Nov. 27   Brooklyn Lee   Trisha and Zach
  Dec. 21   Avery Rose   Jamie and Stephen
  Dec. 20   Owen Henrik   Amelia and Zachary
  Dec. 20   Johnnie Ray Michael   Alexandria and Johnnie
  Dec. 19   Gavin Lee   Amber and Brent
  Dec. 20   Elijah Martin   Heaven
  Dec. 19   Preston Jack   Megan and Darin
  Dec. 18   Cambree Skye   Casey and Josh
  Dec. 18   Maxsen Alan James   Jessica and Miles
  Dec. 18   A'lias LoneFight   Kayla and Warren
  Dec. 17   Winter Marie   Jessica and Michael
  Dec. 17   JennyRey Amelia   Terasita and Kenny
  Dec. 17   Lainey Justine   Kylie and Max
  Dec. 17   Ellen Marie-Claire   Kate and Beau
  Dec. 17   Easton Dean   Courtney and Brian
  Dec. 1   Lane Scott   Lana and Erron
  Dec. 16   Easton Berkley Daze   Windy
  Dec. 16   Hannah Rose   Leah and Scott
  Dec. 17   Chetan Wohitika   Miranda and Brett
  Oct. 18   Sophee Hope   Brittany and Rob
  Dec. 15   Josephine Elouise   Amanda and Evan
  Dec. 10   Rylee Lee   Laci and Chad
  Dec. 14   Tanian Kross   Katheryne and Loren
  Dec. 13   Sawyer James   Stacey and Jeremy
  Dec. 12   Trace Lee   Brandi and Travis
  Dec. 12   Kariss Koy   Leslee
  Dec. 12   Kiara Lynn   Cassandra and Jericho
  Dec. 11   Jaxon David   Amanda and Keith
  Dec. 10   Michael Ray Anthony   Kayla and Blaine
  Dec. 11   Ayla Marie   Brittany and Brent
  Dec. 10   Brynlee Jo   Alyssa and Richard
  Dec. 9   Mitchell Loren Jr.   Lexi and Mitchell
  Dec. 9   Adley Rae   Lorrissa and Josh
  Dec. 9   Emma Lee   Erin and Jon
  Dec. 7   Ciara Rose   Jordan and Alonzo
  Nov. 29   Mathias Allan James   Jennifer and Bradley
  Dec. 7   Rex Vine   Gabrielle and Isadore
  Dec. 6   Jasmin Grace   Kelsey and David
  Dec. 6   Iris Orion   Jessie and Chad
  Dec. 6   Iver Jay   Charity and Craig
  Dec. 6   Bentley James   Britney
  Dec. 5   Evan James   Holly and Joshua
  Dec. 5   Kyla Ann   Erin and Reed
  Dec. 5   Isaac James   Dora and Adam
  Dec. 3   LilliAnne Claire   Jessica and Dustin
  Dec. 3   Elias Bryce   Mikayla and Bryce
  Dec. 3   Justin David   Bridget and Dustin
  Dec. 2   Aiden Robert   Krista and Roger
  Dec. 3   Levi Timothy   Jackie and Jeremy
  Dec. 1   Elaina Judith   Melissa and Tyler
  Dec. 2   Lucas and Lewis   Bridget and Cory
  Dec. 2   Lucas   Bridget and Cory
  Dec. 2   Lewis   Bridget and Cory
  Nov. 29   Aiden John   Caitlin and Josh
  Nov. 30   Isabella Rose   Jennifer and Derek
  Nov. 29   Evelyn Jade   Catlin and John
  Nov. 30   Brea Fay   Emily and Anthony
  Nov. 28   Bo Lee   Nikki and Brandon
  Nov. 26   Gracelyn Kay   Ambre and Matthew
  Nov. 25   Thomas James David   Audrey and Thomas
  Nov. 17   Emeri Anne   Larissa and Joshua
  Nov. 27   Samuel Vladimirovich   Anna and Vladimir
  Nov. 28   Heston Barry   Jenny and Jarod
  Nov. 28   Kaylee Ann   Sheena and Kipp
  Nov. 27   Erabella Katheryn   Darcy and Klinton
  Nov. 27   Zachary Mark   Kelly and Mark
  Nov. 25   Rowdy Brock   Tiffany and Brock
  Nov. 17   Easton Hyatt   Stephanie and Tyler
  Nov. 25   Knox David   Kayla and Mitch
  Nov. 25   Isaac Alvin   Roxie and Jason
  Nov. 24   Graham David   Michaela and Joel
  Nov. 23   Kieran James   Kayla and James
  Nov. 23   Brielle Cecilia   Richelle and Christopher
  Nov. 21   Lukas William & Jakob Eric   Aimee and Nathon
  Nov. 21   Jakob Eric   Aimee and Nathon
  Nov. 14   Trey Ross   Bekki and Brad
  Nov. 21   Lukas William   Aimee and Nathon
  Nov. 22   Aubree Lynne   Sara and Eric
  Oct. 25   Taylor Robert   Natasha and Tim
  Nov. 21   Gunner Blake   Alyssa and Tomi
  Nov. 22   Jezlyn Cheryl Ann   Genn
  Nov. 16   Mark Andrew   Markie and Austin
  Nov. 18   Josiah Wayne   Marlee and Josiah
  Nov. 17   Alexander Aaron   Linn and Aaron
  Nov. 15   Tessa Margaret   Maren and Justin
  Nov. 16   Kierra Kyle   Savannah and Brandon
  Nov. 15   Joey Cale   Kendra and Chad
  Nov. 15   William   Christy and Bill
  Nov. 14   Morgan Rebecca   Bridget and Michael
  Nov. 14   Kairi Rae   Kaylie and Chris
  Nov. 15   Maxim Ivan   Nataliya and Ivan
  Nov. 15   Gabriel Emil   Dakota and Nathan
  Nov. 13   Thomas William   Jessy and Erik
  Nov. 13   Paysen Rae   Brittany and Tyler
  Nov. 13   Bentley Edwin   Brandy and Nick
  Nov. 13   Zaven Lee   Ashlee and Azariah
  Nov. 13   Anton Aldine   Tracy and Tony
  Nov. 13   Nellie Jo   Theresa
  Nov. 5   Jackson Edward   Elizabeth and Timothy
  Nov. 11   Aleah Marie   Courtney and Shay
  Nov. 11   Henley Rey   Lisa and Ray
  Nov. 11   Henry Joseph   Kayla and Jeremie
  Nov. 10   Emersyn Jane   Jenny and Levi
  Nov. 10   Tenley Rain   Kim and Scott
  Nov. 10   Haleigh Jo   Jennifer and Kurt
  Nov. 9   Henry William   Anna and Chris
  Nov. 8   Cattalina Avis Ann   Wambli and Catlyn
  Nov. 8   Kyrese Jamal   Cassandra and Jamal
  Nov. 8   Peyton Ann   Shandi and Dustin
  Nov. 8   Maverick Steel   Kelly and Cody
  Nov. 6   Hunter James   Alisha and Jacob
  Nov. 5   Harley Kay   Rikki and Damion
  Nov. 4   Adrielys Michelle   Chelsea and Jose
  Nov. 3   McKayla Christine   Megan and Stuart
  Nov. 1   Zackary Lee   Amy and Troy
  Nov. 2   Emery Michael   Kelsey and Dax
  Nov. 1   Keoni   Kaelani and Elijah
  Sept. 10   Owyn Brody Wayne   Katelyn
  Oct. 31   Cambry Ann   Chantel and Curtis
  Nov. 1   Jace David   Nicole and Shane
  Oct. 24   Shia Ada Mildred   Lyndale and Jeremy
  Oct. 28   Aurora Snow   Serenity
  Oct. 29   Magnolia Marie   Amy and Michael
  Oct. 30   Grace Eve   Alison and Joshua
  Oct. 30   Mason Lee   Lakin and David
  Oct. 29   Alexandrea Keira   Cherisse and Shiloh
  Oct. 29   Isabella Bernice   Tiffany and Benjamin
  Oct. 29   Jayden Edward   Samantha and Merle
  Oct. 28   Kalsen True   Kalsee
  Oct. 28   Libby Jean   Jodi and Jeremy
  Oct. 20   Oliver Wilbert   Bonnie and Jacob
  Oct. 24   NaLeah LaRae   Danielle and Andre
  Oct. 24   Emmanuel Jacob   Miranda and Wesley
  Oct. 23   Bralyn Kayhill   Hillary and Darin
  Oct. 23   Kaylynn Cherae   Makayla and Justin
  Oct. 23   Tysen Otto   Tonya and Trent
  Oct. 22   Marlayna Jo Ann   Bridget and Jace
  Oct. 22   Kenan James   Samantha and Kyle
  Oct. 22   Jericho Collin   Jessica and Jeremy
  Oct. 20   Delaney Rose   Jennifer and Jason
  Oct. 4   Madisyn Lee   Lisa
  Oct. 4   Olivia Rose   Brandi and Casey
  Oct. 18   Ava Rose   Jeanette and Alphonse
  Oct. 18   Wylee Paul   Jessica and Wyman
  Oct. 18   Elliot Matthew   Darcea and Jordan
  Oct. 18   Josephine Alexis   Christan and Ryan
  Oct. 18   Serenity Marie   Nikki and James
  Oct. 17   AirRance Johnay Melody   Cassandra and Joseph
  Oct. 17   Charles Alan   Amanda and Charles
  Oct. 6   Jackson John   Brittney and Ryan
  Oct. 17   Hadley James   Stacy and Jared
  Oct. 17   Angel Marie   Brandee and Dustin
  Oct. 16   Eli Corey   Yelena and Corey
  Oct. 15   Cooper Ole   Brittany and Casey
  Oct. 14   Caleb Scott   Miranda and Jacob
  Oct. 14   Brynn Elizabeth   Shawna and Joie
  Oct. 15   Keira Larae   Chelsea and Steven
  Oct. 14   Vaughn Joe   Valerie
  Oct. 13   Blane Ohitika   Michele and Brian
  Oct. 12   Nikiah Kaylee   Amy and David
  Oct. 13   Isabella Rose   Sara and Justin
  Oct. 11   Abram Emerson   Lisa and Braden
  Oct. 11   Randolph Earl   Lacey and J.R.
  Oct. 11   Colee Tylar Zoe   Susan
  Oct. 10   Austin Nash   Amber
  Oct. 10   Pearce Philip   Erika and Jerad
  Oct. 11   Kevler Benson   Glenda and Grant
  Oct. 9   Avery Jean   Erica and Ryan
  Oct. 10   Hailey Sue   Dannette and Zach
  Oct. 9   Natalia Donna   Kimberly and Cole
  Oct. 9   Ronin Cole   Megan and Tyler
  Oct. 9   Makenna Nicole   Deni and Eric
  Oct. 8   Bryson Cho   Anita and Alah Runick
  Oct. 8   Alyssa Joanne   Anna and Ken
  Oct. 7   Hayleigh Marie   Kristy and Bryan
  Oct. 7   Alexis Lorene   April and Bob
  Oct. 7   Charis Rachelle   Rebecca and Brian
  Oct. 4   Stetson McCoy   Tandi and Larry
  Oct. 5   Weston John   Joyell and Justin
  Oct. 5   Boston Lee   Mikayla and Jason
  Oct. 4   Kai Sebastian   Jill and Garrett
  Oct. 4   Annalee Linn   Heather and Greg
  Oct. 3   Benjamin Carl   Kelly and Kyle
  Oct. 3   Michael Aric   Janelle and Aric
  Oct. 3   Emmett Kash   Megan
  Oct. 4   Anna Dee   Amanda and Jerald
  Oct. 2   Autumn Amber   Natosha and Marvin
  Oct. 2   Brayden William   Brandy
  Oct. 3   Castiel Joel   Althea and Bronson
  Oct. 3   Anna Jean   Bobbi and Michael
  Oct. 1   Noah Shawn   Amanda and DJ
  Sept. 30   Finley Claire   Ashley and Casey
  Sept. 27   Rose Ellyse   Mindy Lou and Aron
  Sept. 30   Joseph Andrew   Katie and Michael
  Sept. 30   Cutler Ray   Amber and Travis
  Sept. 30   Eleanor Mary Kay   Keila and Kelly
  Sept. 30   Aryah Elyzabeth   Sammantha and Travis
  Sept. 30   Emmett Lewis   Libby
  Sept. 28   Makenna Kay   Krista and Sean
  Sept. 28   Mason Randell   Carolina and Will
  June 6   Trystan Michael   Dina and Brad
  Sept. 27   Calley May   Makayla and Sage
  Sept. 27   Douglas John   Shannon and Brian
  Sept. 26   Lance Andrew   Randall and Lance
  Sept. 26   Oakley Rae   Melissa and Tanner
  Sept. 24   Kyra & Kyna   Courtney and Stefan
  Sept. 24   Kyna Wynessa Paige   Courtney and Stefan
  Sept. 24   Kyra Jeanna Faye   Courtney and Stefan
  Sept. 25   Emma Ruth   Trisha and Mathew
  Sept. 23   Andrew Seth   Chrisha and John
  Sept. 25   Jaxson Rahn   Angela and Rick
  Sept. 25   Lane Thomas   Melody and Chris
  Sept. 25   Fiona Lea   Shantisa and Paul
  Sept. 24   Jade Amelia   Cindy and Brian
  Sept. 22   Erika Mae   Arna and Antonino
  Sept. 22   Handsome Jo   Madeline and Gerald
  Sept. 22   Julianna Danielle   Anne and Francisco
  Sept. 21   Jackson Ryan   Rachel and Jeremy
  Sept. 22   Hannah Mae   Casey and Brian
  Sept. 20   Jaylah Lynn   Cami and Derrick
  Sept. 20   Kale William   Jada and Mychal
  Sept. 20   Seraphina Skye   Tammy and Carl
  Sept. 19   Andrew Declan   Jill and Steven
  Sept. 19   Rose Margaret   Jessica and Jonathan
  Sept. 19   Olivia Jean   Samantha and Josh
  Sept. 18   Gavin Michael   Brianna and Steven
  Sept. 18   Gavin Michael   Brianna and Steven
  Sept. 18   Paisley Danyelle   Karli and Noah
  Sept. 17   Jazzilynn Alicia   Lorna and Samuel
  Sept. 10   Ora Keon Reign   Dolly
  Sept. 18   Nalah Braye   Lacey and Michael
  Sept. 18   Angel Rose   Kristi and Aaron
  Sept. 16   Kye Carter   Jill and Matthew
  Sept. 17   Nero Wambli-ska   Capucine and Robert
  Sept. 16   Bridan Allen Perry   Miranda and Daniel
  Sept. 16   Emily Sharlene   Malissa and Jeff
  Sept. 15   Remmy Matthew   Savannah and Matthew
  Sept. 14   Avery Katherine   Karla and Tanner
  Sept. 14   Zachariah Lyle   Kristen and Zachariah
  Sept. 13   Caleb Carter   Michelle and Emil
  Sept. 6   Reese Ruby-Rae   Randi and Marshall
  Sept. 14   Drew Michael   Jessica and Brandon
  Sept. 11   Nuala Rose Melanie   Rebecca and Bryan
  Sept. 11   Trey Dawn   Aileen and David
  Sept. 12   Lily Ann   Laura and Jeremy
  Sept. 12   Aria Marie   Aaron and Candace
  Sept. 10   Izabella Marie   Laken and Dylan
  Sept. 11   Piper Lynn   Roberta and Shane
  Sept. 9   Ella Joy   Shawna and Dustin
  Sept. 8   Elizabeth Eve   Krystal and Luke
  Sept. 9   Kolton Everett   Amber and Dennis
  Sept. 5   Gabrielle Elise   Kelsey and Justin
  Sept. 6   Hudson David   Jessica and Micheal
  Sept. 5   Messiah James   Rachael
  Sept. 6   Thomas Henry   Morgan and Kaleb
  Sept. 6   Corbin Nicholas   Jessalyn and Nick
  Sept. 4   Katelyn Rae   Kerri and Todd
  Sept. 4   Zoriah Leigh   Stacey
  Sept. 4   Zoey Anna   Heidi and Jeremy
  Sept. 2   London Lily   Jessica and Myron
  Sept. 3   McCoy Andrew   Kristin and Jason
  Aug. 25   Brantley Michael   Amanda and Josh
  Sept. 2   Sigurdor David   Cathryn and Jason
  Sept. 2   Marvin William   Princess and Demar
  Aug. 25   Leeland Alexander   Yolanda and Dustin
  Aug. 30   Luke Channing   Kimberly and Lindsey
  Aug. 30   Jack Thomas   KyLee and Jon
  Aug. 30   Emeline Lea   Amy and Johann
  Aug. 29   Maxson Mark   Cierra and Matt
  Aug. 27   Brycen Kent   Autumn and Joshua
  Aug. 29   Logan John   Ashley and John
  Aug. 29   Anna Rae   Jaycee and Michael
  Aug. 28   Jalee Raeca   Francine
  Aug. 28   Bailey Claire   Nicole and Sebastian
  Aug. 27   Isabella Grace   Kristy and Dylan
  Aug. 27   Shayla LaVae   Jaylyn
  Aug. 27   Aubrielle Quinn   Paris
  Aug. 27   Leviathan Typhyn   Antonette
  Aug. 26   Olivia Cadence   Gina and Donovan
  Aug. 26   Mila Dakota   Ronda and Daniel
  Aug. 25   Roman   Allison and Matt
  Aug. 25   Leeland Alexander   Yolanda and Dustin
  Aug. 24   Julian Matt Jerome   Martina
  Aug. 24   Christian Nicholas   Jessica and Adam
  Aug. 24   Hailey Jade   Brooke and Lanley
  Aug. 23   Oakley Nicole   Sarah and Christopher
  Aug. 23   Ella Violet   Christy and Troy
  Aug. 23   Liam Delker   Amanda and Harlee
  Aug. 23   Camden James   Lauren and Channing
  Aug. 23   Kyros Devan   Jenifer and Devan
  Aug. 19   Liam Lee   Stephanie and Kelly
  Aug. 22   Gabrielle Marie   Danelle and Matt
  Aug. 22   Mason Scott   Dawn and Scott
  Aug. 21   Lakoda Marie   LaSheva
  Aug. 21   Madelyn Marie   Adrienne and Matthew
  Aug. 18   Chandler Jenae Whitley   Jenna and Michael
  Aug. 20   Quinn Irene   Tiffany and Ryan
  Aug. 19   Brekyn Rae   Jessica and Chad
  Aug. 21   Chante James   Terri and Donovan
  Aug. 21   Iris Eila   Mandy and Steve
  Aug. 20   Arianna Patricia   April and Ryan
  July 19   Kole Thomas   Samantha and Bart
  Aug. 13   Thomas William   Miranda and Mitch
  Aug. 19   Peyton Jade   Amanda and Melvin
  Aug. 19   Connor Marchus   Ashley and Roy
  Aug. 18   Braylon Neal   Lindsey and Andrew
  Aug. 18   Jaslene Renee   Whitney and Jake
  Aug. 18   Owen Richard   Heather and Blake
  Aug. 18   Josiah Joe   Jean
  Aug. 17   Adlyn Renee   Antenniell and Joel
  Aug. 18   Riot Dale   Cheyenne and Mike
  Aug. 17   Kairo Lane   Emilee and Barret
  Aug. 16   Jax Christian   Kristen and Fabian
  Aug. 16   Satoria Ophelia   Bethany and Arnold
  Aug. 16   Amilliana Elizabeth Dream   Ashly and Jordan
  Aug. 16   Emmit Thomas   Candace and Eric
  Aug. 15   Camille Joy   Aria and Casey
  Aug. 15   Kambrie Lea   Lisa and Zach
  Aug. 15   Kasen Glen   Stacy and Kyle
  Aug. 15   Isabel Paulette   Terri and Charles
  Aug. 14   Stark Xavier   Stephanie and Jesse
  Aug. 14   Mason Scott   Brittany and Alex
  Aug. 14   Sheyn Reid   Taylor and Craig
  Aug. 14   Brinley Lynn   Amber and Wesley
  Aug. 14   Blake Everly   Brittany and Cody
  Aug. 14   Mahliya Sophia   Bonnie and Shane
  Aug. 14   Quintan Marcel   Amy and Bill
  Aug. 11   Gavin Lee   Julie and David
  Aug. 13   Benjamin Taylor   Angela and Zachiery
  Aug. 12   Adalynn Michelle   Brittany and David
  Aug. 13   Athaniel Allen   Brandie and Solomon
  July 13   Ayriana Danielle Louise   Krystal and Cameron
  Aug. 13   Hailey Mae   Kari and Nathan
  Aug. 12   Cadence Yvonne   Samantha and Ryan
  Aug. 11   Evelyn Lee   Caitlin and Christopher
  Aug. 11   Kellan Lucas   Kayla and Justin
  Aug. 12   Lyla Rose   Laurie and John
  Aug. 12   Adley Marie   Brekka and Garrett
  Aug. 10   Gemma Hope   Chelsey and Ryan
  Aug. 11   Gavin Donald   Erica and Corey
  Aug. 10   Madison Rose   Rosanne and Paul
  Aug. 9   Sophia Rose   Germaine and Rob
  Aug. 9   Jadyn Jean   Kara and Marcus
  Aug. 8   Ehli Jacob   Jessica and Linn
  Aug. 9   Dax J   Macy and Hunter
  Aug. 9   Pyper Mary Lou   Shaina and Cody
  Aug. 8   Olivia Kathleen   Kristen and Nathan
  Aug. 8   Sullivan Joseph   Nicole and Joe
  Aug. 2   Isaac Jeffrey   Brittany and Andrew
  Aug. 7   Kade Randy   Kathleen and Erik
  Aug. 5   Kelsi Lynn   Ashley and Coby
  Aug. 5   Maxwell Faye   April and Kyle
  Aug. 6   Chevelle Lee   Danielle
  Aug. 6   Evan Lynn   Ariana and Steve
  Aug. 5   Ryker Brian   Ashley and Zach
  Aug. 5   Curtis Matthew III   Jacqueline and Curtis
  July 31   Silas Jonathan   Sarah and Ryan
  Aug. 5   Zoey Sophia   Ashley
  Aug. 3   Molly Anne   Jodi and Torey
  July 31   Carter James   Korrie and Mark
  Aug. 2   Nora Lorraine   Karissa and Nate
  July 31   Zoey Elizabeth   Mary and Andrew
  Aug. 1   Olivia Ann   Amanda and Chris
  July 31   Landon J   Carrie and Josh
  July 30   Finn August   Tammy and Brad
  July 31   Mackenzie Allison   Sara and Richard
  July 29   Natalie S   Christina and Tyson
  July 29   Jace Douglas   Candy and Shawn
  July 29   Parker James   Erin and Cullen
  July 28   Temperance Daviah   Montesha and Derek
  July 29   Tanner Curtis   Sarah and Josh
  July 27   Alexandra Nola   MayRinda and Justin
  July 26   Killian Michael   Carley and Michael
  July 27   Brody Bennet   Camy and Reese
  July 26   Dominic Harvey   Linda and Danny
  July 26   Khloe Marie Mario   Mikki and Cory
  July 24   Rylan Josef   Ruzena and Brandon
  July 25   Teagan Jeanette   Bridget and R. D.
  July 26   Madisyn Kay   Allison and Vincent
  July 25   Aryanna Elyse   Sandra and Gerad
  July 25   Peyton Marie   Rachel and Chris
  July 24   Kaden Terence   Cassandra and Terry
  July 24   Lincoln James   Lindsey and Dustin
  July 22   Alaric David   Marissa and Brad-Lee
  July 23   Caden Andrew   Denise
  July 22   Brellan Sophia   BranDee and James
  July 23   Hunter Lee   Christina and Alex
  July 22   Can'te Vanessa   Rebecca
  July 22   Paityn Ann   Nicole and Kelly
  July 22   Brielle Mae   Lacey and Michael
  July 18   Cortez D'Angelo   Olivia
  July 20   Makena Rose   Taylor and Mitch
  July 21   Avery Saige   Quintana and John
  July 19   Blake Lee   Brandi and David
  July 17   Sienna Faith   Heidi and Jayson
  July 18   Liam Austin   Sarah and Austin
  July 19   Ethan Jacob   Marissa and Paul
  July 18   Katarina Hanna Leightah   Samantha
  July 17   Walter Eugene   Melissa and Walter
  July 18   Alanson Jayce   Jodene and Steve
  July 17   Miah Lenny   Ashley and Joshua
  July 18   Colton John   Stephanie and Keith
  July 14   Alexander Steven   Laural and Steven
  July 16   Trevin Delayne   Autumn and Casey
  July 16   Natalie Kay   Melissa and Tyler
  July 16   Braxton Roman   Kristin and Derrik
  July 16   Benjamin Theodore   Crystal and Joel
  July 16   Benjamin Isaiah   Jessica and Michael
  July 16   Scarlett Lavina   Kirsten and Michael
  July 16   Evan Jerome   Ciara and Bryan
  July 14   Alice Mae   Samantha and Eric
  July 12   Madison Marie   Cloris and Gregg
  July 11   Penelope Amira   Kristen and Conan
  July 12   Quinn Marie   Christa and Randal
  July 11   Paislee Rayne   Kaylie and William
  July 11   Paisley Jane   Tricia and Eric
  July 11   Jaxon Bentley   Roxy and Kelly
  July 11   Gunnar Miles   Shanice and Aaron
  July 10   Gabby Olivia   Sara and Caleb
  July 9   Adeline Grace   Alisha and Justin
  July 9   Anastasia Rose   Hattie and Joseph
  July 8   Rosalind Ann   Monica and Joshua
  July 8   Jace Dale   Kristi and Roscoe
  July 8   Alexander William   Laura and Charles
  July 6   Charli Rose   Wendy and David
  July 5   Jensen John   Kaare and Benjamin
  July 5   Brooke Rose   Claudia and Darren
  July 4   Jericho July Ray   Dorothy and Kyle
  July 4   Eli Michael   Sarah and Michael
  June 19   Lane Christian   Rena and Ryan
  July 1   Brandi Lee   Lori and Sean
  July 4   Kannon Thomas   Kourtney and Josh
  July 3   Avery Faith   Amanda and Jeremy
  July 3   Brielle Harmony   Deodar and Roy
  July 2   Tia Ione   Amanda and Tyler
  July 3   Lucy Carolynn   Ashley and Jason
  June 24   Mataya Theora   Ginger and Gary
  June 30   Jack Bradley   Kelsey and Eric
  July 2   Megan Leigh   Kristi and Sheldon
  July 1   Teagen Lee   Danlyn and Jared
  July 1   Tayah Marie   Kyla and Dustin
  July 1   Paisley Ann   Kendra and Dustin
  July 2   Kyla Renae   Shauna and Sam
  July 1   Arthur Lee   Jana and Randy
  July 1   Blair Michael   Scoti and Daniel
  June 30   William Lee   Angela and Barrett
  June 29   Abram David   Stephanie and Gabriel
  June 27   Arlo Sava   Liliya and Robbie
  June 24   Elyana Kerajus   Sharissa and Les
  June 26   Jayden Arnold   Courtney and David
  June 26   Thomas James   Amanda
  June 25   Deklen Noah   Jewel and Weston
  June 26   Paizlee Patricia   Jessica and Jeffrey
  June 26   Lola KareLynn   Brook and Jesse
  June 25   Brooklyn Eve   Faith and Ross
  June 24   Kenna Ann   Tiffany and Korey
  June 23   Jordyn Arabella   Tracey and John
  June 24   Everett Wade   Lisa and Craig
  June 23   Graysen Kenneth   Kinda Hornbacher and Derrick Wolf
  June 22   McKinley Ann   Jamie and Brandon
  June 22   Logan   Hayley and Brian
  June 21   Jayla Elizabeth   Reba and Tyson
  June 20   SpringWoman June   Heather
  June 21   Caylee Lynn   Carolyn and Patrick
  June 20   Addisyn Brayden   Jillian and Alec
  June 20   Jaks Adam Marvin   Kelsey and Jake
  June 20   Jack Parker   Jessica and Matt
  June 19   Evelyn Gladys Rose   Amy and Ryan
  June 19   Jacob George   Stephanie and Brian
  June 18   Sawyer Sebastian   Michelle and James
  June 17   Konnor Jo   Jacklyn and COdy
  June 15   Quade Reiser   Nichole and Michael
  June 15   Allie Renae   Renae and Josh
  June 14   Rosalie Marie   Jennifer and Corey
  June 13   Hudson Jace   Jill and Peter
  June 13   Kensley Jo   Lori and Mark
  June 12   Charlie Michael   Chalsie and Nathan
  June 12   Coby Jay   Kayleigh and Jonathan
  June 12   Violet Joy   Nicole and Matthew
  June 11   Korbin Thomas   Lori and Brett
  June 12   Shyanna May   Kim and Andrew
  June 11   Croix Russell   Laurie and Russell
  June 11   Greyson Alan   Lacey and Joshua
  June 11   Cade Tyler   Josie and Jeff
  June 11   Zanaya Emmalina   Morgan and Jonathan
  June 11   Graham Logan Douglas   Irma and Chris
  June 10   Aydian Scott   Karisa
  June 9   Seth Robert   Ashley and Rick
  June 9   Fulton Dean   Chantelle and Fulton
  June 7   Brailyn Rose   Ashley and Justin
  June 9   Evelyn Therese   Shera and Timothy
  June 8   Evan Hunter   Chris and Jason
  June 3   Tristen John   Trisha and Holden
  June 6   Samantha Kay   Peggy and Terry
  June 6   Saige LouElla   April and Perry
  June 5   Cylus Rowan   Lisa and Loren
  June 6   Isabelle Jo   Christen and Dustin
  June 5   Theodore Lee   Chelsea and Jared
  June 5   Margaret Grace   Desiree and Zachary
  June 3   Marissa Jane   Kimberly and Jesse
  June 3   Liam Robert   Lisa and Robert
  June 3   George Thiel   Georgia and Daniel
  June 3   Quentin James   Jenny and Jacob
  May 11   Liam and Lilly   Lynsey and Michael
  May 11   Lilly Mae   Lynsey and Michael
  May 11   Liam Bradley   Lynsey and Michael
  June 3   Hazel   Beth and Spencer
  June 2   Alizabith April   Marlina and Joe
  May 31   Kevin Michael   Kayla and Wayne
  June 1   Emanuel Hicks   Kaitlyn and Robert
  May 31   Aspen Marie   Jaclyn and Eric
  May 29   Xzavier Thomas   Amy and Donald
  May 19   Yanabah Eagle-Horse   Amy and Vincent
  May 29   Joleigh Jean   Angie and Tim
  May 28   Gavin Charles   Janna and Justin
  May 28   Damian   Myrthala and Margarito
  May 27   Odin Von   Athena and Johnathon
  May 25   Jameson David   Jennifer and Michael
  May 23   Aela Brianne   Ashley and Bryn
  May 25   Kenneth & Valerie   Dawn and Matthias
  May 25   Cash Jacob   Kimberly and Christopher
  May 13   Peyton Meadow   Kathrine and Andru
  May 17   Preston Lee Michael   Natasha
  May 20   Jaysten Charles Scott   SkyLynn
  May 22   Lucas Roderick   Shylah
  May 22   Jase Jared   LaCarra and Tony
  May 21   Selina Mena   Youstina and Mena
  May 16   Dresden Alexander   Jennifer and Dustin
  May 12   Ryker James   Amber and Russ
  May 20   Kyler William   Alissa and John
  May 19   Liam Michael   Kristin and Jason
  May 17   Piper Kara-Leigh   Natasha
  May 17   Eryn Grace   Mel and Jeff
  May 17   Starfire Mae   Crystal
  May 17   Audrey Grace   Wendy and Cory
  May 16   Ireland   Constance and Aaron
  May 15   Wakinyan Tho Agli   Alayna and Red Rock
  May 15   Elijah Gordon   Abby and Ryan
  May 13   Jaxon Cruz   Jessica and Kelcey
  May 13   Carter Reed   Kayla and Jeremy
  May 13   Raezelle Romelle   Randi and Preston
  May 12   Blake Lawrence Ray   Samantha
  May 13   Blake Wayne   Sarah and Michael
  Apr. 3   Lucy Ann   Brianna and Brian
  May 13   Donnie Johnathan Troy   Brittany and Troy
  May 9   Jase Lee   Angie and DJ
  May 10   Graham Michael   Melissa and Michael
  May 9   Jase Matthew   Rachel and Jordan
  May 7   Layken Diana   Brandy and Klint
  May 8   Amelia May   Kelsi and James
  May 9   Avery Louise   Samantha and Jacob
  May 7   Finley Faith   Jennifer and Chad
  May 8   Mataya Dru   Erin and John
  May 7   Grant James   Melissa and Ryan
  May 5   Melody Grace   Rachael and Charles
  May 3   Roman Isaiah   Laura and Larin
  May 4   Landon Taylor   Alissa and Michael
  May 3   Margo Louise   Mary and Blake
  May 1   Reece William   Jami and Justin
  May 3   Noah Anton   Jennifer and Justin
  May 1   Ayzlee Rae   Jacklyne and Jeffrey
  May 1   Brynlee Millie   Lisa and Ryan
  Mar. 15   Ryelan David   Anna and Josh
  Apr. 30   Kamden Lee   Amanda and Brian
  Apr. 30   Liam Arthur   Jessie and Bill
  Apr. 30   Liam Arthur   Jessie and Bill
  Apr. 29   Sapphire Sky   Jade
  Apr. 29   Ruby Jane   Megan and Cody
  Apr. 29   Eli J'Xandyr   Cori and Torrey
  Apr. 30   Reese Jo   Allison and Todd
  Apr. 29   Levi Eddy   Lisa and Lucas
  Apr. 28   Eli Isaiah   Carla and Jordan
  Apr. 19   Maddyn Leigh   Shannon and Marty
  Apr. 23   Rayna Jane   Serena and Logan
  Apr. 24   Logan Andrew   Ashleigh and Adam
  Apr. 26   Kamdyn Clifford   Kristal and Kevin
  Apr. 26   Nathaniel Wade   Tawny
  Apr. 25   Olivia Jean   Melissa and Brandon
  Apr. 26   William Gregory   Michelle and Scott
  Apr. 26   Tanner Sage   Santana and Colton
  Apr. 25   Isaac Brandon   Tanya and Mark
  Apr. 24   Emma Mae   Felicia
  Apr. 24   Ronald Fred Jr.   Amber and Ronald
  Apr. 24   Marcus Oliver   Stephanie and Ryan
  Apr. 21   RubyDawn Alexandra   Alexaundria
  Apr. 24   Lucille Catherine   Sara and Ryan
  Apr. 23   Joseph Vernon   Colleen and Dan
  Apr. 24   Journey Carrigan   Misty and Shawn
  Apr. 23   Eliana Marie   Sierra and Drew
  Apr. 21   Bryson Joseph   Sharon and Cal
  Apr. 22   Adrianna Emma-Rose   Karen and Dominic
  Apr. 22   Elena Marie   Lisa and Chris
  Apr. 22   Bryson Nolan   Shelby
  Apr. 19   Abbigail Dawn   Heather and Mike
  Apr. 19   Piere WicaKiza   Rikki and Piere
  Apr. 19   Charlie Alan   Veronica and Jeremy
  Apr. 18   Alyssa Ann   Ashlind
  Apr. 18   Kolter Bronx   Tonya and J.R.
  Apr. 18   Mackenzie Rose   Caitlin and Steve
  Apr. 17   Annabelle Marie   Natasha and Dave
  Apr. 17   A'Miah Doris   Amanda and Michael
  Apr. 17   Kashton Harvey   Samantha and Cody
  Apr. 17   Kwentin Terrance   Carrie and Kenneth
  Apr. 16   Anthony Barnette   Brandy and Anthony
  Apr. 16   Aidan Joseph   Loni and Nick
  Apr. 14   Gauge Douglas   AshLynn and Paul
  Apr. 16   Elliott Daniel   Katherine and Casey
  Apr. 15   Kylei Rae   Kim and Jaime
  Apr. 3   Adrian Clinton   Sheena
  Apr. 7   Kira Jade   Lesli and Clifford
  Apr. 12   Ashlynn Elizabeth Sue   Jennifer and Allen
  Apr. 10   Jaylia Renee   Brianna and Preston
  Apr. 9   Hannah Violet   Nicole and David
  Apr. 8   Logan Paul   Theresa and Casey
  Apr. 8   Angel Joyce   Nora and Jesse
  Apr. 5   Halle Rose   Amanda and AJ
  Apr. 5   Calvin Eugene   Shila and Ben
  Apr. 5   Elijah Emmett   Linsey
  Apr. 4   Gavin Elmer   Alissa and Kris
  Apr. 5   Landon Jay   Nikki and Nathan
  Apr. 4   Nicholas Ellsworth   Jennifer and Steven
  Apr. 3   Taylon James   Amy and Travis
  Mar. 28   Caiden Lee   Taunya and Terry
  Apr. 3   Prestin Chase   Athina and Forrest
  Apr. 3   Aubrie Marie   Megan and Jeff
  Apr. 2   Maris Anne Marie   Kristin and Scott
  Apr. 2   Breckin Henry   Kristina and Christopher
  Apr. 2   Brinley Nicole   Nicole and Josh
  Apr. 1   Dylan Gracie   Alicia and David
  Apr. 1   Briella Grace   Chasiti and Jesse
  Mar. 29   Hannah Rose   Nicole and Jesse
  Mar. 30   Bentley Jacob   Jessica
  Mar. 29   Kendyll Paige Lyn   Cassie and Shawn
  Mar. 31   Kypton Terrance James   Jessica and Joshua
  Mar. 31   Kypton Terrance James   Jessica and Joshua
  Mar. 29   Kaydrian Lamar   Emma
  Mar. 27   Lucille Rose   Marijke and Steve
  Mar. 29   Maislyn Hope   Chasity and Bradley
  Mar. 29   Chrisalee Renee   Charlsie
  Mar. 29   Patsy Ann   Julie and Kevin
  Mar. 29   Lily Janette Pearl   Elizabeth and Steven
  Mar. 29   Lily Janette Pearl   Elizabeth and Steven
  Mar. 25   Gielle Ryan   Kacey
  Mar. 27   Maxwell Harrison   Laura and Steve
  Mar. 25   Kya Destiny   Lisa and Kelly
  Mar. 15   Elaina Nicole   Nicole and Chad
  Mar. 25   Titus Matthew   Danielle and Robert
  Mar. 25   Statler Jon   Heather and Kyle
  Mar. 24   Ann Marie Fae   Barbara and Joseph
  Mar. 25   Alexis Jean   Kamie and Mitch
  Mar. 25   Maiz Allen   Krystal and Derek
  Mar. 25   Ayzley Suemone   Megan and Watson
  Mar. 23   Ryken David   Rani and David
  Mar. 23   Bryar Joseph   Sara and Chrys
  Mar. 21   Dylan Dayton   Molly and Dustin
  Mar. 21   Wyatt Wayne   Katie and Chad
  Mar. 21   Jayden Rueben   Beth and Ryan
  Mar. 20   Briar Bristol   Ashley and Micheal
  Mar. 18   Camila Crystal   Crystal and Gerardo
  Mar. 3   Maliyah Rose   Emily and Darnell
  Mar. 19   Orlando James   Christine and Matthew
  Mar. 18   Connor Harvey   Amanda and Kyren
  Mar. 18   Elijah Bentley   Amy and Robert
  Mar. 18   Caysen Wayne   Stacy and Chris
  Mar. 18   Beauen Leigh   Breanne and Blaine
  Mar. 16   Funnon Charles   Jessica and Funnon
  Mar. 15   Isaac Brandon   Chelsie and Brandon
  Mar. 16   Liam Michael   Rachelle and Greg
  Mar. 15   Kallie Ray   Jody and Brent
  Mar. 15   Edison Zacharias   Rachel and Zach
  Mar. 12   MemfyCe Cyre John   Holly and Duress
  Mar. 14   Danica Rose   Alysia and Daniel
  Mar. 14   Ally Hope   Robbi and Blair
  Mar. 14   Connor Jameson   Tiffany and David
  Mar. 14   Xzavier Donteau   April
  Mar. 13   Jeffrey James   Gale and Jeff
  Mar. 12   Easten E   Heidi and Scott
  Mar. 6   Kenna Marie   Karla and Joseph
  Mar. 12   Nayelis   Janice and Juan
  Mar. 11   Michael Jason   Caroline and Jason
  Mar. 11   Logan Thomas   Stephanie and Travis
  Mar. 11   Malyha Rita   MaKayla and Franklin
  Feb. 1   Tesla Cherish Patricia and Tulsa Rose Rhonda   Sally and Travis
  Feb. 1   Tulsa Rose Rhonda   Sally and Travis
  Feb. 1   Tesla Cherish Patricia   Sally and Travis
  Mar. 9   Noah Boyd   Melissa and Paul
  Mar. 8   Valentine Julius   Kristine and Gary
  Mar. 8   isabela Antonia   Krissy and Jose
  Feb. 26   Caylee Grace   Taylor and Luke
  Mar. 8   Camilla Rose   Jennifer and Justin
  Mar. 5   Camden Sidney   Kayla and Branden
  Mar. 6   Chase Dean   Kirsten and Dan
  Mar. 8   Cataleya Lynn   Krystal
  Mar. 7   Draven Jeremy   Jessica and Jeremy
  Mar. 7   Vander Tannen   Jessica and Tannen
  Mar. 6   Eli Nelson   Michelle and Kelly
  Mar. 5   Hattie Mae   Killian and Jonathan
  Mar. 5   Alexis Marie   Amanda and Austin
  Mar. 6   Aaron Kenneth   Betty and Eric
  Mar. 5   Gisele Magdalene   Vicki and Matthew
  Mar. 4   Faith Lynn   Lacy and Zachary
  Mar. 3   Riley James   Lindsey and Juan
  Mar. 2   Kirra Rae   Casey and Jay
  Mar. 1   William Drew   Joey and Bill
  Mar. 1   Octaveus Mateo   Miranda and Aaron
  Mar. 1   Ryan Dallas   Melissa and Michael
  Mar. 1   Charliette Rose   Marie and Eric
  Feb. 28   Broden Hoyt   Allie and Travis
  Feb. 28   Isabella Thorn   Alicia and Mike
  Feb. 27   MacKenzie Ann   Amanda and Kevin
  Feb. 27   Gabriel Lawrence   Ashley and Ron
  Feb. 26   Ne'Veah Essence   Nicki
  Feb. 26   Aubrey Dawn   Kimberly and Justyn
  Feb. 25   Bridger Alfred   Brittany and Chad
  Feb. 26   Grace Louise   Heather and Mike
  Feb. 23   Sonny Alexander   Mary and Nick
  Feb. 25   Elizabeth Ruby   Becca and Rick
  Feb. 23   Drayton King   Wilberta and Shawn
  Feb. 22   Ava Jean   Jessica and Travis
  Feb. 22   Waleed Taleb   Sabreen and Taleb
  Feb. 21   Kambree Taelynn   Stacey
  Feb. 20   Aden Davis   DeAndra and Brandon
  Feb. 20   Gabriella Marie   Brittany and Joe
  Feb. 7   Delaney Gray   Lindsey and Jerry
  Feb. 20   Cuyler John   Tori and Ronald
  Feb. 20   Nathan Emilio-James   Patricia and Jose
  Feb. 17   Samuel James   Alicia and Anthony
  Feb. 19   Harmoni Rose   Heather and Chad
  Feb. 18   Kyree Michaela   LeAndrea and Koda
  Feb. 17   MaKenna Mae   Macy and Matthew
  Feb. 15   Olivia Kennady   Andrea and Joe
  Feb. 16   Kynley Shay   Laurie and Kyle
  Feb. 14   Zayden Daniel   Krista
  Feb. 13   Tacen Bryce   Tessa Paneto
  Feb. 12   Lile Mark   Mariya and Christopher
  Feb. 11   Oaklee Emerson   Farhen and Gary
  Feb. 12   Joseph Lynn   Amy and Ryan
  Feb. 11   Braxton Michael   Claire and Shane
  Feb. 11   Ivory Noel   Eve and David
  Feb. 9   Jayden Charles   Heidi and Jonah
  Feb. 8   Alison Peki   Katie and Shane
  Feb. 9   Kentley Jayceon   Brittany and Kenton
  Feb. 7   Logan Dane   Alysha and Roger
  Feb. 9   Kash Elias   Prairie Rose
  Feb. 8   Grady Leonard   Savannah and Stephen
  Feb. 8   Logan Ray   Stacy and Brandin
  Feb. 7   Cordell Nyle Thomas   Shirley and James
  Feb. 7   Annabelle Lynn   Tiffany and Kyle
  Feb. 5   Cade Andrew   Kara and Andrew
  Feb. 3   Elijah Charles   Tera and Jeremy
  Feb. 5   Cassienna Kay   Kasey and Tyler
  Feb. 5   Aubry Hunter Paul   Angel
  Feb. 6   Annabelle Rae   Samantha
  Feb. 5   Emerson   Jennifer and Trevor
  Feb. 3   Michael Jaylen   Kristina and Christopher
  Feb. 2   Emma Belle   Erin and Zac
  Feb. 1   Janiyah Alice   Michele and Gerald
  Feb. 2   Janiyah   Michele and Gerald
  Feb. 2   Nadalie Ann   Jenalee and Chris
  Jan. 31   Thomas Paul   Kayla and Steve
  Jan. 30   Arabella Joy   Amber
  Jan. 29   Maici Lee   Heather and Jeffrey
  Jan. 30   Liam Lee   Megan and Michael
  Jan. 27   Tanner Christopher   Sammie and Chris
  Jan. 30   Piper Anne   Amanda and Duane
  Jan. 31   Lillyan Marie   Natasha and Wesley
  Jan. 29   Khloe Jadelynn   Joey Ann
  Jan. 28   Kayto John   Shai-lee and Michael
  Jan. 28   Ainsley Jo   Joslyn and Brock
  Jan. 28   Hugh Ellsworth   Sabrina and JD
  Jan. 25   Kamdin James   Cynthia and Kip
  Jan. 26   Gabriel Albert Louis   Shelagh
  Dec. 23   Tate Jon   Jessica and Casey
  Jan. 23   Harrison Martin   Lacy and Jordan
  Jan. 24   Ryder Thomas   Patricia
  Jan. 12   Colin Michael   Kimberly and Michael
  Jan. 22   Olivia Jane   Erin and Joshua
  Jan. 22   Elsa Sedone   Nichole and Julian
  Dec. 13   Tayte BradLee   Heather and Shay
  Jan. 20   Aubrey Lynn   Kellie and Travis
  Jan. 20   Jacen Thomas   Laura and Mathew
  Jan. 20   Kaleb Vern   Debbie and Doug
  Jan. 18   Lilah Belle   Bridget and Ian
  Jan. 19   Joey Lee   Jennifer and Jesse
  Jan. 14   Zachariah Curtis   Ashley and Zach
  Jan. 20   Maliah Faith   Tara and Gary
  Jan. 18   Ava Mae   Kimberly
  Jan. 18   Charlie Regena Marie   Jessie and Shawn
  Jan. 17   Emilie Christine   Laci and Chad
  Jan. 18   Scarlet Elizabeth   Kayla and Jonathan
  Jan. 16   Evie Mae   Robbyn and Hans
  Jan. 16   Nora James   Sara and Matt
  Jan. 15   Greyson Michael   Emily
  Jan. 16   Dandi Jae   Lisa and Dane
  Jan. 15   Avaree Glenda   Kadie and Chris
  Jan. 15   Alaina Klaire   Kayla and Warren
  Jan. 13   Sebastian Gene   Tracy and Robby
  Jan. 14   Mia Rae   Clarissa and Matthew
  Jan. 11   Emma Kristine   Kristi and Jamie
  Jan. 14   Gunner Joshua   Kayla and Josh
  Jan. 14   Ben Victor   Sara and Doug
  Dec. 30   Wilhelm Konstantin   Autum and Kyle
  Jan. 11   Everson Lee   Sarah and Lance
  Jan. 8   Karter Andrew   Tara and Curtis
  Jan. 10   Aliyah Jordyn   Leah and Jordan
  Jan. 10   Weston Charles   Nicole and Scott
  Jan. 10   Lilly Anna   Stephanie and Derrick
  Jan. 11   Brooklyn Hart   Cassandra and Mitch
  Jan. 10   Gavin Bernard   Melissa and Jason
  Jan. 3   Landon Joe   Casey and Casey
  Jan. 8   Eli Allen   Alexis and Brett
  Jan. 9   Kendon James   Kendra and Joshua
  Jan. 8   Seth Robert   Sarah
  Jan. 8   Elanora Roseanna   Jessica and Tyrel
  Jan. 7   Emily Frances   Robin and Michael
  Jan. 7   Addison Rose   Heather and Brody
  Jan. 7   Mallory Jean   Danielle and Kyle
  Jan. 4   Averi Grace   Kayla and Chance
  Jan. 3   Keagan James   Jody and Aaron
  Jan. 3   Shayna Rose   Jacqueline and Corey
  Jan. 3   Servando Miguel   Gabrielle and Larry
  Jan. 2   Lainn William   Becky and Matt
  Jan. 3   Regan Lynn   Brandi and Nick
  Dec. 28   Isaiah James   Erica and Jesse
  Dec. 24   Bentley John   Kalene and Tyler
  Jan. 1   Zoey Berneice   Jamie and Neal
  Dec. 31   Scarlett Lauren   Valera
  Dec. 30   Breier Edwin   Roxanne and Denver
  Dec. 29   Chayson Wesley   Jaymie and Justin
  Dec. 30   Emily Rebecca   Ashley
  Dec. 28   Julia RaeLee   Serra and Jeremy
  Aug. 30   Mya Grace   Nichole and Jermaine
  Dec. 25   Luke Bruce   Renee and Kyle
  Dec. 24   Tayter Jake   Michal and Sage
  Dec. 24   Kash Camden   Kayla
  Dec. 21   Serena Rain   Roneasha and Gerald
  Dec. 24   Nicolas Melvin   Miria and Nathan
  Dec. 21   Parker Duane   Dorie and Bradley
  Dec. 22   Titus Eldor   Darcie and Christopher
  Dec. 21   Brielle Mae   Tracy and Brian
  Dec. 20   Henry Helmuth   April and Miles
  Dec. 19   Kallie Anne   Katie and Mike
  Dec. 19   Casimir Beau   Crystal and Tim
  Dec. 19   Aspen Jo   Karen and Michael
  Dec. 18   Harmony Bliss   Michelle and Kyle
  Dec. 18   Brynn Elizabeth   Kayla and Spencer
  Dec. 17   Elijaeh James   Beth and Josh
  Dec. 17   Aaliyah Lisa-Rayne   Marcella and Chase
  Dec. 18   Hadley Noelle   Brandy and Kevin
  Dec. 16   Ilah Rose   Jamie and Bryan
  Dec. 16   Kashlynn Ramona   Serena and Dave
  Dec. 14   Rev Michiael   Sarah and Casey
  Dec. 13   Kilea LaRose   Darlene
  Dec. 11   Honey Rose   Tanya and Casey
  Dec. 12   Ethan Michael   Stephanie and Jonathan
  Dec. 12   Takoda Lei   Hope and Troy
  Dec. 12   Takoda Lei   Hope and Troy
  Dec. 10   Noah Brant   Joni and Nathan
  Dec. 10   Michael Alessandro   Yessenia and Jose
  Dec. 8   Olivia Louise   Amanda and Chad
  Dec. 8   Sophia Jayne   Jamie and Russell
  Dec. 8   Ryker Adam   Heather and Adam
  Dec. 8   Dorothy Jo   Lindsey and Chris
  Oct. 18   Chevy Joan   Krista and Robert
  Dec. 6   Gabriel Christian John   Robyn and Joshua
  Dec. 7   Joah Jason   Kristie and Jason
  Dec. 7   Nikolas J Christopher   Cassandra and William
  Dec. 7   Evan Lily   Dawn and Tory
  Dec. 7   Gabriella Ann   Tiffany and John
  Dec. 6   Stephanie Paige   Amanda and Jerett
  Oct. 25   Marius and Kalla   Tumika and Cody
  Oct. 25   Marius   Tumika and Cody
  Oct. 25   Kalla   Tumika and Cody
  Dec. 4   Nixon Casey   Megan and Josh
  Dec. 4   Everitt James   Brittany and Johnathan
  Dec. 5   Caroline Nanea   Serena and Jared
  Dec. 3   Caleb Michael   Renae and Damian
  Dec. 4   Ella Mae   Stacy and Steven
  Dec. 4   Jillian Elizabeth   Mellissa and Ben
  Dec. 4   Benjamin Lucas   Sara and Chris
  Dec. 3   Drayce Ayden   Kristal and Shane
  Dec. 2   Kaitlynn Genevieve   Amber and David
  Dec. 2   Gabriel Peter   Jennifer and Chandler
  Dec. 2   Ava Ruth   Andrea and Alberto
  Nov. 8   Shaye Evelyn   Sheena and Chris
  Dec. 1   Brynn Elise   Erin and Wade
  Nov. 30   Adalynn Virginia   Kayla and Toby
  Nov. 30   Grace Elizabeth   Samantha and Bradey
  Nov. 30   Lucas Edward   Becca and Joe
  Nov. 30   Ivory Mae   Cheryl and Terry
  Nov. 29   Jacey Elizabeth   Angela and Michael
  Nov. 28   Jeremiah James   Theresa
  Nov. 27   Emma Grace   Randi and Michael
  Nov. 27   Kayden Zayne   Elizabeth and Brandon
  Nov. 26   Ivy Lin   Lindsay and Sam
  Nov. 28   Conor James   Sonya and Travis
  Nov. 27   Jacob Landen   Sarah and Todd
  Nov. 27   Braxton Lee   Cassie and Jessie
  Nov. 27   Tate Marty   Sabrina and Ryan
  Nov. 26   Brady James   Ashley and Brent
  Nov. 26   Selena Gracie Joy   Sharon
  Nov. 24   Jonah James   Andrea and Greg
  Nov. 23   Brayden Allen   Sarah and Steve
  Nov. 23   Amelia Delphine   Nicole and Alan
  Nov. 22   Gracie Angel   Sarah and Douglas
  Nov. 20   Frank Rowdy   Sascha and Frank
  Nov. 21   Samuel D.   Sarah and Nathan
  Nov. 20   MaKayla Mae   Amelia and Christopher
  Nov. 19   Saige Allison   Mandy and Taylor
  Nov. 19   Levi Joseph   Beth and Nathan
  Nov. 19   Megan Marie   Lisa and Kevin
  Nov. 18   Kyan Donald   Lauren and Daniel
  Nov. 18   Van James   Michelle and Jason
  Nov. 16   Jreyden Shaney   Jennine and Shane
  Nov. 18   Reid Scott   Angela and Scott
  Nov. 17   McKinley Ruth   Maren and Joshua
  Nov. 16   Riley Jordan   Ashley and Robert
  Nov. 14   Kellan Austin   Kayla and Kurt
  Nov. 15   Kellan Jason   Courtney and Jason
  Nov. 15   Tabitha Kristi Marie   Katie and Justin
  Nov. 15   Lucas Clay   Crystal and Kyle
  Nov. 14   Cecelia Antoinette   Amanda and Jason
  Nov. 13   Kyren Davita   Shanna
  Nov. 13   Kyler Renee   Caroline
  Nov. 13   Grayson Hermes   Tia and Nicholas
  Nov. 13   Laveya Catherine   Jayme and Javan
  Nov. 12   Chloe Ann   Heather and Christopher
  Nov. 12   Johnathan Sebastion   Lindsay and John
  Nov. 12   Autumn   Summer and Charles
  Nov. 11   Quinton Jeffrey   Erin and Jeff
  Nov. 11   Tayton Duane   Jessica and Mitchell
  Nov. 10   D'Wayne Joseph   Jessica and Shawn
  Nov. 8   Makinley Rae   Tivona and Randy
  Nov. 9   Sophia Larri   Amber and Josh
  Nov. 8   Lia Esther   Amanda and Dustin
  Nov. 8   Gavin Matthias   Hollie and Collin
  Nov. 7   Nayeli Jade   Angel and Chaston
  Nov. 7   A'keivah AnnLeigh   Saxon-Leigh and Preston
  Nov. 7   Mekhi Quincee   Brooklyn and Dewayne
  Nov. 4   Violet Lee   Gwen and Tyler
  Nov. 5   Daniel Dean   Heather
  Nov. 3   Dominic Wayne   Kari and Robert
  Nov. 1   KingRonin Lyric   Dakota and Carlos
  Nov. 1   John Weston   Kayla
  Oct. 31   Zakaeus Lyn   Kaitlin
  Oct. 30   Alli Ashlynn   Tina and Tony
  Oct. 31   zayden Alan   Melanie and Alan
  Oct. 31   Roselynn Marie   Chassie and Darrick
  Oct. 30   Paiyslee Quinn   Brittany and Cole
  Oct. 29   Cruz Thomas   Lindsay and Jay
  Oct. 29   Tyleigh Rose   Whitney and Ross
  Aug. 1   Jerome Peter   Amanda and Aaron
  Oct. 25   Caleb Collixite   Megan and Casey
  Oct. 26   Gideon Michael   Tami and Dennis
  Oct. 24   Duran Hubert   Cindy and Duran
  Oct. 24   Braxton James   Angela and Tim
  Oct. 23   Elliot Frank   Melissa and Travis
  Oct. 22   Bridger John   Jessie and Michael
  Sept. 13   Teeghan Henry-Scott   Megan and Scott
  Oct. 21   Jamie Lynn   Jessica and Justin
  Oct. 19   NaTaya Marie   NaTesa and Nathaniel
  Oct. 19   Ella Sophia   Michelle and Daniel
  Oct. 18   Mirabella Madison   Abigail and Zachary
  Oct. 18   Evan Eugene   Lori and Ethan
  Oct. 18   Cali Reign   Katie Jo and Victor
  Oct. 17   Grant Patrick   Susan and Paul
  Oct. 17   Brody Russell   Jessie and Tyler
  Oct. 16   Tyra Jo   Star and Thomas
  Oct. 15   Paige Joy   Alessa and Matthew
  Oct. 15   Myriah Elizabeth   Samantha and Nehemiah
  Oct. 15   Ariya Jade   Danielle and Christian
  Oct. 15   Heriberto Eddie   Ruth and Heriberto
  Oct. 13   Maci Elyse   Jessica and James
  Oct. 12   Hudson Ray   Charity and Justin
  Oct. 12   Henry George   Laura and George
  Oct. 11   Ellie Lee   Amy and Jesse
  Oct. 11   Teagan Marie   Kelly and Jonathan
  Oct. 11   Kane Anthony   Allison and Edward
  Oct. 10   Lily Grace   Heather and Thomas
  Oct. 13   Truvy Hope   Shayla and Trevor
  Oct. 10   Siri Solahna   Jylahna
  Oct. 9   Tayvin Allen Anton   Shalique and Dakota
  Oct. 8   Parker and Kinley   Jackie and Darcy
  Oct. 8   Kinley Marie   Jackie and Darcy
  Oct. 8   Parker Wayne   Jackie and Darcy
  Oct. 9   Callie Skye   Samantha and Dillon
  Oct. 9   Adrienne Ann   Brittany and Lalo
  Oct. 8   Nahla Hayze   Rainee and Nolan
  Oct. 8   Benjamin Anthony   Stephanie and John
  Oct. 2   Wyatt Ryder   Jeri and Justin
  Oct. 4   Phoebe Francesca   Kendria and Taylor
  Oct. 5   Emmett John   Katherine and Andrew
  Oct. 5   Jayda Brynn   Rhonda and Abraham
  Oct. 4   Emma Cecelia   Wendella and Cody
  Oct. 3   Autumn Penny   Angela and Richard
  Oct. 3   Isaac Christopher   Melissa and Greg
  Sept. 6   Harper Lee   Courtney
  Oct. 4   Asher Albert   Amanda and Christopher
  Oct. 3   Carter Mikenzie   Maggie
  Oct. 2   Charlie John   Heather and Beau
  Oct. 1   Catalina Jewell   Tara and Roberto
  Oct. 2   Valentine Symone   Shelby and Valentino
  Oct. 1   Camdyn William   Shanah and Joseph
  Oct. 1   Camry Ruth   Mary and Kevin
  Sept. 30   Aiden Thomas   Tessa and Bret
  Sept. 28   Kamrynn Kay   Melissa and Don
  Sept. 28   Henry Nathan   Sarah and Nathan
  Sept. 28   Hunter Allen   Patti and David
  Sept. 27   Peyton Nicole   Kimberly and Chance
  Sept. 19   Daniel Robert   Tasha and Pete
  Sept. 27   Lilliauna Amirah LaRae   Nikiah
  Sept. 28   Lennex R.J.   Brea and Dustin
  Sept. 25   Hayden Cole   Amanda and Kolt
  Sept. 26   Journey Lynn   Angie
  Sept. 13   Elliott Ray   Melinda and Derek
  Sept. 25   Cameron Scott   Callie and David
  Sept. 10   Penelope Anne   Megan and Joshua
  Sept. 10   Abigail Kay   Megan and Joshua
  Sept. 25   Carsten James   Jessie and Justin
  Sept. 24   Brooklyn Nicole   Lacey and Nathan
  Sept. 24   Keely Skye   Samantha and Dwayne
  Sept. 23   Aerith Rose   Jessie and Cavalier
  Sept. 24   Claire Faith   Katherine and Johnathan
  Sept. 21   Holden Ross   Phoebe and Brian
  Sept. 21   Colten Dean   Tasha and Cody
  Sept. 21   Todd Gordon Darrell   Toni and Justin
  Sept. 21   Chloe Ann   Alexis and Simeon
  Sept. 19   Jazmari Eriel   Clarissa and Wil
  Sept. 19   Aughsta Elizabeth   Aughsta and Jason
  Sept. 17   Matthew Abbott   Lindsay and Nathan
  Sept. 18   Reese Marie   Rachael and Matthew
  Sept. 19   Khloe Mya   Kaycee and Chad
  Sept. 19   Aryana Marie   Kristin and Aaron
  Sept. 18   Reese Marie   Rachael and Matthew
  Sept. 17   Sam Grant   Katie and Grant
  Sept. 15   Sullivan Garry   Jennifer and Russell
  Sept. 15   Ellayna Marie   Nicole and Shane
  Sept. 14   Jaelynn Renae   Devona and Jonathon
  Sept. 14   Olivia Joyce   Cassidy and James
  Sept. 13   Alexander Owen   Janakate and Brandon
  Sept. 13   Adler Deklan   Amy and Justin
  Sept. 13   Delia Aurora   Alexis
  Sept. 13   Delia Aurora   Alexis
  Sept. 12   M'Ryan Zeric   Hattie and Matric
  Sept. 16   Kamden Gregory   Christina and Joshua
  Sept. 17   Tatum Chelsey   Gracie and Cody
  Sept. 15   Vincent Elixander   Chelsey and Michael
  Sept. 17   Sophia Rose   Rita and Mathias
  Sept. 17   Jackson Elliot   Ashley
  Sept. 18   Braelyn Renee   Dana and Dayne
  Sept. 15   Ellayna Marie   Nicole and Shane
  Sept. 15   Sullivan Garry   Jennifer and Russell
  Sept. 11   Kamia Jo   Billie Jo and Joe
  Sept. 11   Bella Marie   Billie Jo and Joe
  Sept. 13   Katelyn Anne   Erin and Jon
  Sept. 11   Madden Kelsey   Sadie and Kelsey
  Aug. 16   Lliam Lawrence   Amber and Austin
  Sept. 10   Ryan Elias   Heather
  Sept. 11   Noah Matthew   Ambre and Matthew
  Sept. 10   Jersey Jane   Candice and Benjamin
  Sept. 8   Mary Jane   Miranda and Josh
  Sept. 7   Boston James   Mariah and Tim
  Sept. 7   Amelia Kay   Jessica and Joel
  Sept. 7   Karsten Do'Ryan   Alexandria
  Sept. 7   Marek Victor Lee   Victoria and Eric
  May 17   Avery Ronald   Willow and Dave
  Sept. 5   Silas Rafe   Alina and Daniel
  Aug. 26   Dylan Jade   Lacey and Brandon
  Aug. 28   Eian James   Tanya and Errin
  Sept. 5   Gabriella Kay   Leah and Scott
  Sept. 4   Henleigh Anna   Julie and Chad
  Sept. 3   Kwinn Charles   Desiree and Kevin
  Sept. 4   Evelyn Marie   Kara and Chad
  Sept. 4   Bridget Ruth   Brittany and Curtis
  Aug. 28   Stella Grace   Laura and Matthew
  Sept. 2   Aliyah Louise   Precious
  Aug. 21   Otis Theodore   Angela and John
  Sept. 2   Savannah Haley   Clemen
  Sept. 2   Will Charles   Danielle and Dustin
  Aug. 31   Aaron Landyn   Annie and Shane
  Aug. 26   Avery Ray   Heather and Brian
  Aug. 31   Kennedie Ann   Tina and Eric
  Aug. 30   Alexander Emerson   Porshay
  Aug. 30   Jalia Rihanna   Davlyn and John
  Aug. 30   Kray'Lea Mae Rose   Hunter and Tristin
  Aug. 30   Axton Randy   Jessica and Brandon
  Aug. 28   Brekken Lee   Lynnette and Dion
  Aug. 28   Cage Michael   Misty and Chad
  Aug. 23   Conner James   Sara and Adam
  Aug. 26   Senora Faye   Sarah and Verrick
  Aug. 27   Seeley Kathryn   Kari and Michael
  Aug. 26   Brodie J   Hannah and Robert
  Aug. 19   Olivia Rose   Shannon and Brandon
  Aug. 23   Damian James Dean   Krystal and Cameron
  Aug. 23   Aiden Matthew   Joann and Steven
  Aug. 24   Kwinn Adeline   Karlee and Andrew
  Aug. 24   Kinnsie LaRae   Loretta and James
  Aug. 22   Wilson Thomas   Adele and Dana
  Aug. 22   Sloane Rose   Jennifer and Bryan
  Aug. 21   Emmet Lee   Pamela and Robert
  Aug. 22   Harper Arlene   Erin and Yancey
  Aug. 21   Kai'Dynce Izabelle   Krista
  Aug. 20   Annafaye Jayne   Merrilee and Kevin
  Aug. 20   Jaxon William   Shannon and Derek
  Aug. 15   Elijah Ralph   Bethany and Julian
  Aug. 20   Lilyan Patricia   Brandy and James
  Aug. 19   Michaela Rennee   Kaylee and Eric
  Aug. 19   Leeam Robert   Stessa and Lee
  Aug. 19   Oliver David   Rebecca and Taylor
  Aug. 17   Owen Alfred   Tiffany and Alfred
  Aug. 16   Kinyaa'aanii Laylah Rose   Bobbiejo and Dean
  Aug. 18   Ambreal Anaee   Lorena and Jesus
  Aug. 16   Jayda Marie   Arianne and Dallas
  Aug. 16   Matthew James   Mary and Mike
  Aug. 16   Josephine Joy   Sharnell and Elijah
  Aug. 15   Eden Lee   Jasmine and Ian
  Aug. 14   Easton Cooper   Lisa and Cooper
  Aug. 14   Adalynn Katherine   Terri and Jason
  Aug. 13   Camden Daniel   Brittany and Jack
  Aug. 14   Treven Ray   Justina
  Aug. 14   Kadon Michael   Kerry and Paul
  Aug. 14   Aliyah Grace   Kayla and Robert
  Aug. 14   Dakota Scott   Mercedez and Richard
  Aug. 13   Cullen Ocean   Lenni and Micah
  Aug. 12   Jonah Rain   Genevieve and Francis
  Aug. 12   Wren Adair   Lindsey and Cody
  Aug. 12   Chloe Mae   Raychel and Brandon
  Aug. 11   Elijah Lyle   Savanah
  Aug. 11   Hoyte Nicholas   Melinda and Nicholas
  Aug. 9   Olivia J   Leah and Jordan
  Aug. 9   Dorant   Fatime and Naser
  Aug. 9   Cullen Bradley   Heather and Dan
  Aug. 9   Emily Jolie   Nancy and Anthony
  Aug. 7   Tysin Furious   Valerie and Edward
  Aug. 7   Hudson Colt   BreeAnn and Levi
  Aug. 8   Sarah Joy   Heather and Alex
  Aug. 7   Kyler Blaize   Rochelle and Blaine
  Aug. 6   Jose Luis JR   Carresse and Jose SR
  Aug. 6   Declan Clay   Heidi and Matthew
  Aug. 6   Andrew Anthony   Kari and Dustin
  Aug. 5   Iyonna Faith   Karen and Brendon
  Aug. 5   Issac James   Sarah and Allan
  June 19   Piper Paige   Becky and Bryan
  Aug. 3   Cheyenne Lee   Jana and Kevin
  Aug. 4   Hudson Tayler   Dallas
  Aug. 2   Makayla Jean   Michelle and Michael
  Aug. 3   Julianna Rose   Jessica and Dale
  Aug. 2   Kendall Marie   Amy and John
  Aug. 2   Conner Adam   Erin and Adam
  Aug. 1   Annika Lynn   Kathy and Alan
  Aug. 1   Nesiah Carter Joseph   Tashenna and Dalton
  Aug. 1   Liam Robert   Kaela and Justin
  Aug. 1   Audrina Rose   Hope
  July 28   Cedar Rain   Sheena
  July 30   Dean Robert   Brook and Steven
  July 30   Kalijah Wayne   Alyssa and Dace
  July 11   Eve   Arica and Justin
  July 29   Jae-Sean Deja   Jonelle
  July 28   Olivia Grace   Niomi and James
  July 27   Brennen James   Heather and Courtney
  July 27   Kallin Charles   Amber and Jonathan
  July 27   Taraya Raeanne   Latasha and Kelly
  July 27   Scout Wayne   Stacey and Shaun
  July 26   Lainey Ruth   Courtney and Kyle
  July 26   Calvin Gerald   Krissondra and Jeffrey
  July 27   Sophie Lynn   Jackie and Jason
  July 24   Alyssa Elaine & Pepper Charles   Chelsea and Preston
  July 25   Nael Christine   Alison and Ronald
  July 24   Alyssa Elaine   Chelsea and Preston
  July 24   Pepper Charles   Chelsea and Preston
  July 25   Taymyn Ty   Sheeba and Tyler
  July 26   Kyron   Grace and Cedric
  July 23   Jace Louis   Ashley and Benjamin
  July 23   Jaydan Joseph   Ashley and Eugene
  July 23   Kash Dallas   Chelsey and Wilfred
  July 23   Izzabella Grace   Lacey and Nathaniel
  May 6   Bentlee Grace   Lesley and Mitch
  July 18   Miles Oscar   Libby and Daniel
  July 21   Haiden   Leslie
  July 19   Madison Marie Faith   Kim and Chris
  July 19   Grant   Amanda and Michael
  July 14   Kyler Lane   Tawna and Sethan
  July 18   Caitlinn Emme   Kristi and Brad
  July 17   Aiden Michael   Gabrielle and Devin
  July 16   Trebor Kobayne   Hailey and Robert
  July 16   Regan Mae   Shawn and Wayne
  July 17   Audrey Brooke   Katie and Brandon
  July 13   Gabriel Scott   Maria and Christopher
  July 14   Jaden John   Cristie and Justin
  July 12   Jaxton William   Jodi and Jason
  July 13   Delilah Storm   Larissa and River
  July 13   Lane Aaron   Kristin and Aaron
  July 11   Kaden Dean   Nicole and Shane
  July 13   Norah Quinn   Erica and Nicolas
  July 13   Radley Ross   Tessa and Alexander
  July 11   Charles Leonidus   Priscilla and Charles
  July 11   Andrea Rose   Jessica and William
  July 11   Erykah Jade   Jessica and William
  July 11   Erykah Jade & Andrea Rose   Jessica and William
  July 10   Raelle Anna   Heidi and Josh
  July 10   Dakota Jane   Rosanna and Bryan
  July 9   Cash Connorran   Courtney and Jeb
  July 8   Evelynn Rose   Jennifer and Dallas
  July 6   Temperance Leona   Jasmine and Austin
  July 6   Braymani Xaviera   Brandi and Benjamin
  July 6   Hannah Joy   Alyssa and Ryan
  July 6   Carley Gene   Coty and Monte
  July 5   EmiiLuo Beverly Mae   Josette and Daniel
  July 5   Gracyn James   Carly and Dale
  July 5   Ellie Sue   Nikki and Tim
  July 5   Savannah Lee   Staci and Daniel
  July 4   Jaela Jo   Jill and Randall
  July 3   Natalia Mari Rose   Marian and Gene
  July 5   Harlow Clare   Rachel and Christopher
  July 1   Seth Scott   Jessica and Scott
  June 27   Wyatt Paul   Lacey and Trevor
  July 3   Adley Kameryn   Amy and Austin
  July 4   Mason James   Pamela and Michael
  July 2   Maxwell Andrew   Pamela and Donald
  July 2   Aspen Christina   Shirley and Simon
  July 2   Kyle Richard   Kristine and Jacob
  July 1   Morgan Lucretia   Lori and Robert
  July 2   Whitney Jane   Sianna and Douglas Jr.
  July 2   Damon Foster   Jodie and Daniel
  July 1   Kionna Faith   Kale
  July 2   Emmitt Delane   Molly and Levi
  June 29   Kayden Ryan   Tina and Jay
  June 30   Alexander Leo   Carmen and Adam
  June 29   Hazel Marie   Kayla and Travis
  June 28   Kaiden Miles Michael   Melodi and Shaun
  June 27   Owen Wyatt   Jennifer and Steven
  June 22   Thai Chann   Gina and Vanh
  June 26   Avett Lee   Krista and Guy
  June 25   Rorie Ann   Kadee and Christopher
  June 26   Vendela Jo Lynn   Rachel and Chris
  June 25   Lucio Sky   Summer
  June 21   Candra LueAnn   Christine and Daniel
  June 25   Peyton Nicole   Andrea and Blake
  June 24   Zanen Reed   Holly and Josh
  June 21   Sawyer June   Greta and TJ
  June 22   Sutton Kade   Tonia and Stottin
  June 19   Lainey Mae   Kristin and Matthew
  June 21   Raissa Jana   Kathleen and Robert
  June 20   Leeon Wilfred   Mary and Derrick
  June 19   Greer Eloise   Shelby and Shawn
  June 20   Morghan Sierra   Emily and Michael
  June 20   Noah Doy   Jennifer and Corey
  June 19   Gabrielle Evelyn   Kaatji and Roger
  June 18   BentleyShawn George   Lacey and Garrett
  June 18   Maya Avry   Justine and Nicholas
  June 18   Mya Kaye   Lindsey and Josh
  June 18   Augustus   Aricka and Trampis
  June 18   Tailey Christina   Samantha and Terry
  June 17   Sye Xavier   Doranna and Craig
  June 16   Dominic Anthony   Elizabeth and Mitchal
  June 15   Vera Lynn   Tiffany and Bryan
  June 15   Maeley Beth   Beth and Jordan
  June 15   Shanley Benedict   Nicole and Brandon
  June 10   Aedienn Zackory Lamont   Chelsea and D'Javon
  June 15   Brinlee May   Lori and George
  June 14   Preston Michael Alan   Katelyn and Michael
  June 13   Maxwell Edward   Jane and Tyler
  June 13   Delaney Jane   Karisa and Robert
  June 14   Brielle Kaylee   Angella and David
  June 12   BrynnLee Hannah   Amber and Stephen
  June 11   Wyatt Matthew   Suzy and Stacy
  June 11   Brooklynn Jayleise   Patricia and Jayse
  June 11   Andrew Lee   Aurora and Andrew
  June 5   Ryder Pierce   Dusty and Delmer
  June 8   Jack Reginald   Heather and Paul
  June 9   Abigail Rose   Shelly and Chad
  June 8   Tucker James   Sarah and Travis
  May 25   Mackenzie Jean & Madison Lynn   Becky and Jeremy
  May 25   Madison Lynn   Becky and Jeremy
  May 25   Mackenzie Jean   Becky and Jeremy
  Apr. 2   Bailey Caydence   Krissie and Chancey
  June 8   Kole Blane   Michelle and Kris
  June 6   Kendall Ann   Traci and Matt
  June 6   Grace Ryan   Cassey and Ryan
  June 5   Kenora Kay   Candace and Cory
  June 5   Blake Michael   Lateia and Grant
  June 6   Kairi Ann   Brandy and Michael
  June 1   Corra Lynn   Allison and Lee
  June 4   Braelyn Dawn   Narrisa and Kurt
  June 4   Julia Irene   Larissa and Mike
  June 3   Emelyn Quinn   Wendy and Cory
  June 3   Maddix Leon   Jody and Cory
  June 3   Piper Marie   Katherine and Steven
  June 2   Olivia Adalynn   Kristie and Jay
  June 2   Hadley Beth   Casey and Brian
  June 1   Kiera Marie   Courtney and Michael
  May 30   Lennix David   Jamie and Jack
  May 31   Keon William   Lucy and Kichong
  May 31   Blaise Phillip   Jessica and Austin
  May 30   Logun Wane   Michelle and Randy
  May 29   Frederick Kayson   Jerri and Kole
  Mar. 21   Amelia Jo   Jaimee and Kenneth
  June 1   Garrett Lane   Lynette and Scott
  May 31   Hunter George   Melissa and John
  May 31   Conner Allen   Melissa and John
  May 30   Moxon Drew   Laura and Brian
  May 29   Myleigh Ava   Krysten
  May 28   Daisy Daffodyl   Shannon and Luke
  May 27   Ily Marie   Kay and Justen
  May 28   Aubrey Marie   Stephanie and Dustin
  May 25   Stetson Jack   Quintana and John
  May 26   Avery Rae   Amanda and Logan
  May 17   Vladimir John   Angela and Matthew
  May 22   Raleigh Robert   Whitney and Eric
  May 22   Kieran Anthony   Leah and Eric
  May 22   Keelie Elaine   Emily and Kyle
  May 18   Bryson Todd   Lauren and Todd
  May 20   Kruze Rodney   Heather and Kyle
  May 18   Chase Bradley   Heidi and Craig
  May 17   Gunner Allen   Kayla and Bernard
  May 16   Bentley Jake   Kayla and Derek
  May 16   Elsa Catherine   Shannon and Ryan
  May 15   Sawyer Landon   Chloe and Robert
  May 16   Pepper Marie   Ellie and Aaron
  May 16   Brynn Elizabeth   Peggy and Kevin
  May 16   Aabree Gerta   Bridgette and Corey
  May 15   Annabell Lee   Jessica and Travis
  May 14   Nalu Pax   Kara and Adam
  May 13   Timothy Shawn   Jessica
  Apr. 1   Makenzie Dorothy   Karime and Gavin
  Apr. 27   Chayse Robert   Rachel and Joshua
  May 10   Gauge Joseph   Deserae and Andrew
  May 10   Dominic Peter   Bonnie and Al
  May 9   Brynn Kathleen   Sarah and Craig
  May 9   Sofie Rae   Jody and Brian
  May 8   Kylie Ann   Angela and Chris
  May 8   Brandonlee Blaze   Tia and William
  May 7   Joseph Daniel   Deanna and William
  May 8   Cyrus Jaden Dylan   Amy
  May 7   Holden Jarred   LaDawn and Dustin
  May 7   AnnaBelle Bertha Marie   Amy and Eugene
  May 6   Jackson Lee   Kylie and Travis
  May 6   Blake Joseph   Kayla and Brad
  May 5   Abigail Jessie   Samantha and Eric
  May 5   Izabella Jae   Nikki and Aaron
  May 3   Maks Allen   Laine and Michael
  May 3   Porter James   Andrea and Jordin
  Apr. 14   Willa Patricia   Wendi and Christopher
  May 1   Emma Rose   Poppy and Jamy
  May 2   Amelia Lyne   Sarah and Jason
  May 2   Chase Warren   Shari and Levi
  Apr. 5   Macy Joan and Paige Cheryl   Michelle and Randy
  Apr. 5   Paige Cheryl   Michelle and Randy
  Apr. 5   Macy Joan   Michelle and Randy
  May 2   Liam Scott   Cassandra and Timothy
  May 1   Decker Darrin   Serena and Darrin
  Apr. 30   Dominyk Matthew   Destiny
  Apr. 29   Heavenlee Lakota-Grace   Chonette and Fabian
  Apr. 28   Charli Mae   Heidi and Thomas
  Apr. 27   Emily Rose   Kimbery and Jeremy
  Apr. 29   Zariah Rose   Char and Isaiah
  Mar. 27   Abrianna Lauraign   Meriah and Antoine
  Apr. 27   Callee Jordan   Kelsey and Shane
  Apr. 25   Damien King   JennaWade and Shannon
  Apr. 24   Malik Hughston   Jolene
  Apr. 24   Kandrian Greigh   Priscilla and Ryan
  Apr. 24   Kamdyn Sam    Kendra
  Apr. 25   Essa Doris-aires   Nicole and Eloy
  Apr. 23   James Kenan   Jana and David
  Apr. 23   Elizabeth Lee   Michelle and Branden
  Mar. 24   Kylie Renee   Mary and Cody
  Apr. 21   Bennett Michael   Lacy and Michael
  Apr. 20   Zechariah Jay Wiest   Alida and Darrick
  Apr. 21   Spencer Lyle   Natalie and Shane
  Apr. 21   Cante ReeAnn Esther   Hillary and Wallace
  Apr. 20   Scott Joseph   Ashley and Justin
  Apr. 20   Victoria Champagne   Linette and Justin
  Mar. 28   Jacob Cameron   Mariah and Michael
  Apr. 18   Isabella Carine   Mandy and Charles
  Apr. 20   Bria Dawn   Charity and Craig
  Apr. 19   Thaddeus Clarence   Kelly and Travis
  Apr. 18   Roselynn Marie Lou   Wenona and Ryan
  Apr. 18   Arson Nash   Kaitlyn and Robert
  Apr. 18   Enzo Charles   Nicole and Sidney
  Apr. 17   Mason James   Shantel and Martin
  Apr. 17   Abigale Grace   Melody and Herbert
  July 1   Abigale Grace   Melody and Herbert
  Apr. 15   Ansley Mae   Rachel and Justin
  Apr. 15   Ruby Lee   Jessica and Jonathan
  Apr. 13   Madison Arlene   Jenna
  Apr. 13   Kaymee Brekkyn   Alexandra and Dustin
  Apr. 13   Lane Donrick   Ida and Ben
  Mar. 12   Kyra Noelle   Cassaundra and Chad
  Apr. 12   Jacob Allen   Wendy and Kyle
  Apr. 10   Maliyah Grace   Tori and LaDarryl
  Apr. 10   Brynlee Annabelle   Rachael and Corey
  Apr. 10   Catherine Delila   Alicia and Jeremy
  Apr. 9   Jace Veldon   Renae and Kile
  Apr. 9   Rory Elizabeth   Mariah and Zach
  Apr. 9   Mason Gregory   Heather and Chad
  Apr. 8   Avery Marie   Ashley and Timothy
  Apr. 8   Evangelyne Joy   Amber and Vaughn
  Apr. 6   Joey Layne   Joelle
  Apr. 5   Mylo Scott Logan   Katelin and Mylo
  Apr. 5   Aubrey Kathryn   Katie and Tyrell
  Apr. 4   Rylee Jean   Althea and Tyler
  Apr. 4   Gauge William   Vanessa and Destray
  Apr. 4   Connor Brooks   Jessica and Cody
  Apr. 3   Aaron Scott   Lindsey and David
  Apr. 3   Kinzy Lorraine   Kendra and Dustin
  Apr. 3   Margaret Rose   Katrina and Tyler
  Apr. 3   Jonathon Peter   Janine and Tim
  Mar. 28   Kamiyah Lawrencia   Cheydene
  Apr. 2   Jaxon Lee   Carrie and Jamey
  Apr. 2   Elijah John   LeAnne and Ricky
  Apr. 1   Cash Kincaid   April and Terry
  Dec. 26   Sid Leonard   Kiara and John
  Dec. 31   Lylli Shyann   Charlotte and Michael
  Mar. 31   Ethan James   Tonya and Christian
  Apr. 1   Mariana Akram   Manal and Akram
  Mar. 30   VaNessa NiCole   Emma and Orvin
  Mar. 29   Kristopher Jordan   Laurice
  Mar. 29   Isaac Randal   Kristine and Peter
  Mar. 29   Hope Rose   Courtney and Nolan
  Mar. 27   Stetson John   Heather and Justin
  Mar. 28   Veda Frances   Heather and Trenton
  Mar. 28   Xander Bear   Melissa and Robbie
  Mar. 27   Brandon Reid   Julie and Ray
  Mar. 27   Shonda Lynn   Sherri and Steve
  Mar. 26   Benjamin Richard   Jessica and Matthew
  Mar. 25   Princess Winter Harmony   Patricia
  Mar. 25   Aerianna Skye   Alexandria and Joe
  Mar. 24   Mya Rae   Amber and Josh
  Mar. 24   Abby Marie   Kristen
  Mar. 25   Jeran Michael   Cassie and Brett
  Mar. 22   Molly Sue   Carol and Brent
  Mar. 23   Mason Lee   Sarah and Mark
  Mar. 23   Aubrey Lynn   Carlynn and Andrew
  Mar. 23   Gunner Steven   Sarah and Richard
  Mar. 23   Abigail McKinzie   Amanda and Eric
  Mar. 22   Tanagila   WasteWin and Ryan
  Mar. 22   Colton Louie   Mandy and Andrew
  Mar. 21   Hayleigh Lynn   Christian and Wilson
  Mar. 21   Nicholas James   Stephanie and Gregory
  Mar. 20   David Zion   Amanda and Matthew
  Mar. 19   Addyson Shae   Lacey and Trenton
  Mar. 20   Victoria Rose   Heather and Jeff
  Mar. 19   Caelynn Zofia   Ruzena and Brandon
  Mar. 19   Corey Rowdy John   Chelsie and Corey
  Mar. 18   Sylvan Clayton   Charlsie
  Mar. 18   Jada Marie   Larissa
  Mar. 17   Laikyn Nora   Stacy and Michael
  Mar. 16   Masen David Wallace   Chantel and Travis
  Mar. 17   Scarlett Kinsey   Darcea and Jordan
  Mar. 17   Edyn Ann   Kara and Ross
  Mar. 16   Carson Lee   Stephanie and Christopher
  Mar. 16   Gage Skylar   Tammy and David
  Mar. 16   Jackie Clare   Kassandra and Desmond
  Mar. 15   Colton Charles   Kaylee and Jesse
  Mar. 15   Levi Adam   Jamie and Darren
  Mar. 15   Mariah Jo   Valerie and James
  Mar. 14   Jacob Charles   Kim and Drew
  Mar. 11   Jayce Henry   Holly and Jeremy
  Mar. 14   Preston Joseph   Kristin and Mark
  Mar. 12   Dylan Jay   Tracy and Wes
  Feb. 22   Helen Marie   Amy and William
  Mar. 12   Jenna Olivia   Cami and Justin
  Mar. 10   Kennadee Justine   Marcie and Harley
  Mar. 9   Carter John   Jenny and Michael
  Mar. 9   Kierstyn Viola   Tiffany and Jason
  Mar. 8   Mea Jean   Nicole and Terry
  Mar. 8   Natalie Sheree   Lindsey and Markus
  Mar. 9   Serenity Blake   Misty
  Mar. 7   Benjamin Dennis   Maren and Justin
  Mar. 9   A'Layciah Preslee   Holly and Duress
  Mar. 7   Nautyka Skye   Wilberta and Shawn
  Mar. 8   Brayden Lee   Leslie and Anthony
  Mar. 8   Jacob Pius   Petrina and Christopher
  Mar. 8   Aubrey Jae   Lynissa and John
  Mar. 7   Olivia Sue   Jessica and Barry
  Mar. 6   Hailey Elizabeth   Jodi and Jeremy
  Mar. 6   Ryker Scott   Kelsey
  Mar. 4   Sam William   Sara and Mike
  Mar. 5   Aiden Derek   Dora and Adam
  Mar. 4   Hunter Lee   Kelley and Nathan
  Mar. 3   Wyatt Theodore   Sharyl and Brad
  Jan. 27   Maycie Kathleen   Trishia and Brian
  Feb. 15   Levi Weston   Stephanie and Tom
  Mar. 2   Aiden Sujith   Sindhuja and Shawn
  Mar. 2   Donstan Lee   Stephanie and Kelly
  Mar. 2   Abbie Jo   Lacey and Clint
  Mar. 2   Lillie Loraine   Ashley and Donavon
  Mar. 2   Aiden Tyler   Alicia
  Mar. 1   Christian Scott   Patricia and Brandon
  Mar. 1   Krese Tex   Annie and Chris
  Feb. 29   Ryan James   Staci and Tyler
  Feb. 29   Bo Thomas   Jane and Mathew
  Feb. 29   Cooper Murray   Renee and Steven
  Feb. 29   Kalijah Cash   Holly
  Feb. 29   Dylan Mae   Brianna
  Feb. 27   Jarrett Arthur Michael   Justina
  Feb. 28   Ella Lee   Cassandra and Brett
  Feb. 28   Brady Aaron   Amanda and Michael
  Feb. 28   Molly Ann   Sara and Charles
  Feb. 27   Bobbi Rain   Dawn and Duane
  Feb. 27   Michael Jacob III   Jennifer and Michael
  Feb. 10   Raymond John   Janelle and Tyler
  Feb. 28   Piper Ann   Chasity and James
  Feb. 24   Wyant Diesel   Loretta and Shawn
  Feb. 26   Brylee Ann   Allison and Cory
  Feb. 24   Avery Ann   Courtney and Shay
  Feb. 24   Charlee Vi   Angilee and Jason
  Feb. 23   Emilee Lynn   Jeanette and Roger
  Feb. 23   Isabella Marie   Maretta and James
  Feb. 23   Boze Gjames Pte Oyate   Sharniko and leeland
  Feb. 18   Paison Grei   Miranda
  Feb. 23   Jasten   Natika and Jasten
  Feb. 22   Luke Jacob   Susan and Jayson
  Feb. 21   Keely Audrey-Lou   Elizabeth and Steven
  Feb. 21   Reanna Crystal   Jennifer and Brandon
  Feb. 21   Braydon Clement   Amanda and Bryce
  Feb. 20   Oniya Verdelia Ann   Xia and Nikeya
  Feb. 18   Jacobi Allen   Malaysia
  Feb. 18   Libbie Gracelyn   Elicia and Travis
  Feb. 17   Aubrey Mae   Cynthia and Kip
  Feb. 18   Sofia Faye   Monica and Anthony
  Feb. 18   Graci Rae   Ciji and David
  Feb. 17   Caleb Jon   Jayna and Joshua
  Feb. 15   Adelynn Jo   Sarah and Luke
  Feb. 15   Jace Lucas   Andrea and Jeran
  Feb. 14   Emma Rose   Lacey and J.R.
  Feb. 13   Jaylyn Marie   Stacey and Branden
  Feb. 15   Kansas Rodney   Amber and Stuart
  Feb. 14   Brandt Poke   Haley and Tyler
  Feb. 14   Brent Harold   Shannon and Brent
  Feb. 9   Bryson James   Tara and Cory
  Feb. 13   Kymirah Essence   Santana and Martin
  Feb. 10   Taylor Grace   Jodi and Ryan
  Feb. 9   Macayla Nevaeh   Hether and Guy
  Feb. 10   Stella Margret   Sarah and Steve
  Feb. 8   Marshall Andrew   Kira and Jeremey
  Feb. 9   Jai'Lynn   Susan and Justin
  Feb. 8   Cambria Hope   Kendra and Andy
  Feb. 9   Jackson Kent   Caralea and Lucas
  Feb. 7   Lukas Jack   Kalle and Eric
  Feb. 8   Trevin William   Ashley and Jayden
  Feb. 6   Penalton   Danielle and John
  Jan. 26   Aaron DeForest   Beverly and Cliff
  Feb. 4   Eli Hendrick   Crystal and Lynn
  Feb. 3   Bailee Lynn   Angie and Monte
  Feb. 1   Lucas Adam   Dawn and Matt
  Feb. 2   Emma Grace   Anna and Aaron
  Feb. 3   Koltyn Quyn   Cassandra and Christopher
  Feb. 2   Julia Rose   Malissa and Jeff
  Jan. 31   Christian Eli   Elsy and Jacques
  Jan. 31   Sophia Emerald   Sarah
  Jan. 30   Carter Lee   Christa and Randal
  Jan. 28   Ella Lynn   Beth and Jonathan
  Jan. 24   Carter Wayne   Ashley and Travis
  Jan. 14   Connor James   Joscelyn and Chuck
  Jan. 27   Jackson Paul   Desiree and Nathanial
  Jan. 26   Eliott Jeffrey   Carrie and Steven
  Jan. 26   Kiana May   Tara and Jordan
  Jan. 26   Hudson Brooks   Jennifer and Jonathan
  Jan. 26   Zachary Michael   Jade and Steve
  Jan. 21   Gabriel David   Cassandra and Roque
  Jan. 24   Parker Lewis   Ronda and Daniel
  Jan. 24   Brandon Lee   Heather and Anthony
  Jan. 18   Jayden Madison   Vikki and Paul
  Jan. 23   James Lee   Jennifer and Parrish
  Jan. 23   Khaleigha Aubriella   Samuella and Stefan
  Jan. 21   Bray Nicholas   Carina and Jamie
  Jan. 18   Christian Joseph   Catelin and Chad
  Jan. 19   Alexis Leigh   Amy and Travis
  Jan. 19   Kinley Rose   Sara and Jesse
  Jan. 19   Elsie Raelynn   Shari and Toby
  Jan. 19   KayLeigh Caroline   Brittany and Brandon
  Jan. 19   Olivia Emily   Jessica and Andrew
  Jan. 18   Kaydence Jayson   Jaychelle and Kenny
  Jan. 16   Stands Holding the Stars Woman   Agnes and Whirlwind
  Jan. 17   Reed James   Lindsey and Shawn
  Jan. 16   Holden Oscar   Melanie and Ger
  Jan. 16   Memorie Marie   Christine and David
  Jan. 15   Addison Mae   Tammy and Pete
  Jan. 15   Numakshi   Tamara
  Jan. 15   Wakiyan Luta Khaos   Prairie and Jacob
  Jan. 15   Isabella Dawn   Melinda and Steven
  Jan. 15   Jennifer Lynn   Laura and Ryan
  Jan. 14   Morgan Ann   Alicia and Austin
  Jan. 14   Natalie Jean   Audrey and Brook
  Jan. 14   Mordecai Lee   Megan and Michael
  Jan. 13   Hailey Jo   Janiece and Dustin
  Jan. 13   Robert Lucas   Prairie Rose and Mylo
  Jan. 12   Jack Michael   Ashley and Rick
  Jan. 13   Brayden Andrew   Kaia and Michael
  Jan. 12   Jesse David   Melanie and Jason
  Jan. 11   Kayleigh Aryanna   Kathleen
  Jan. 10   Cheryl Chebet   Lilian and Nelphat
  Jan. 9   Devin Robert   Erin and Reed
  Jan. 10   Lexi Jo   Crystal and Keith
  Jan. 9   Kinley Rae   Nicole and Jamie
  Jan. 8   Khalani Rayne   Melanie and Dominic
  Jan. 8   Haden Lawrence   Diandra and Dustin
  Jan. 6   Braxtyn Thomas   Shantal
  Jan. 6   Florence RoseMary Lucille   Jennifer and Joshua
  Jan. 7   Rylen Jace   Tiffanee and Joshua
  Jan. 6   Aidan Andrew   Melody and Christopher
  Jan. 5   Westen Anthony   Jessica and Tony
  Jan. 5   Emery Brier   Erin and Kevin
  Jan. 5   Peyton RyLeigh   Monica and Ryan
  Jan. 3   Alyssandria Stevie Rae   Velnita
  Jan. 3   Alicen   Christa and Chris
  Jan. 3   Jami Jewels   Kimberly and Justin
  Jan. 3   Lourdes Tomi Zayde   Toni
  Jan. 2   Ellie Mae   Tristan and Josh
  Jan. 2   Visente Lewis   Lucinda and Segio
  Jan. 1   Sudora Suzanne   Erica and Colt
  Jan. 1   Abagaile Larayne   Ginger and Kevin
  Dec. 30   Connor Aesoph   Jennifer and Joe
  Dec. 29   William Wyman   Kayla and Travis
  Dec. 29   Kaelani La'Rae   Kezwin and David
  Dec. 30   Arion Bailey   Ashley and Jesse
  Dec. 28   Simya June   Ivanda and Dallas
  Dec. 28   Cooper Mayloni Sky   Justine and Edward
  Dec. 28   Zachary James   Latoya
  Dec. 29   Lucille Joy   Brook and Nathan
  Dec. 28   Ayasha Ray   Lakota and Kevin
  Dec. 27   Michael Melvin Dean   Jennifer and Dustin
  Dec. 27   Aiden Anthony   Jessica and Justin
  Dec. 26   Kahlan Sheri   Jennifer and Walyn
  Dec. 22   William James   Amanda and William
  Dec. 25   Jerome Dillon   Nichole
  Dec. 26   Anthony Swift   Kirsten and Justin
  Dec. 25   Drake Richard   Kristina and Philipp
  Dec. 23   LauraLee Marie   Lauren and Brandyn
  Dec. 23   Tanner Chad   Laura and Chad
  Dec. 19   Jax DeMayo   Ashley and Devon
  Dec. 22   Everett Scott   Rachel and Scott
  Dec. 20   Elijah Lucas   Rochelle
  Dec. 11   Savannah Destiny   Jackie and Scott
  Dec. 19   Dominick Scott   Brandi and David
  Dec. 17   Claire Grace   Ashley and Patrick
  Dec. 21   Cyrenity Skye   Jennifer
  Dec. 20   Melee Kade   Jolene and Jordan
  Dec. 20   Elyse Lynn   Tabitha and Travis
  Dec. 20   Georgia Gail   Tracie and Buck
  Dec. 19   Eviana Seraphine   Nicole and Michael
  Dec. 19   Sydney Jade   Lindsay and Cody
  Dec. 15   Logan Lee   Trish and Jeremy
  Dec. 18   Emma Angeline   Jessica and Michael
  Nov. 10   Damien Kenneth   Rebecca and Daniel
  Dec. 19   Aunna Jocelyn   Gina and Bobby
  Dec. 16   Parker Myron   Deanna
  Dec. 16   Owen Dean   Brittni
  Dec. 15   Aaralyn LuAnn   Samantha and Brett
  Dec. 14   Bodey   Bridget and Cory
  Dec. 14   Allie Jo   Kacie and Steve
  Dec. 13   Jake Lee   Amanda and James
  Dec. 13   Jadyn Gerald   Danyl and Erik
  Dec. 13   Andrew James   Kayla and Joshua
  Dec. 13   Campbell Maelynn Marie   Jenna and Michael
  Dec. 13   Andrew James   Kayla and Joshua
  Dec. 13   Kylee Anne   Amber and Justin
  Dec. 12   Brooklyn Geneva   Hannah and Tony
  Dec. 10   Parker Lee   Loretta and Derrick
  Dec. 11   Elias Kruz   Cortnee
  Dec. 10   Phoenix LeeLand   Renae and Edward
  Dec. 9   Peyton Shay   Sonja and Anthony
  Dec. 9   Carter Michael   Brittney and Ryan
  Dec. 8   Morgan Marie   Ashley and Ben
  Dec. 8   Brogan Dale   Kyla and Dustin
  Dec. 8   Carly Jo   Melissa and Steve
  Dec. 8   Elizabeth Rachel   Carol and Justin
  Dec. 6   Cameron James   Jamie and Garrett
  Dec. 6   Judah Ryan   Jessica and Jeremy
  Dec. 5   Gabriella Margaret   Kayla and Travis
  Dec. 5   Winter Blessing   Flora and Denny
  Dec. 5   Logan John   Elizabeth and Corey
  Dec. 4   Mason Thomas   Shawna and Derek
  Dec. 3   Ella Rae   Julie and Stephen
  Nov. 18   Elliott Jerome   Amber and Jeremy
  Dec. 2   Eden Rae   Erica and Matthew
  Dec. 2   Oliver Micheal   Heather and Blake
  Dec. 1   Kylie Reese   Brooke and Garrett
  Nov. 6   Eloise Jean   Allison and John
  Dec. 1   Carson Jody   Megan
  Dec. 2   Carter Lee   Sarah and Josh
  Nov. 29   Naisha   Neera and Navin
  Nov. 30   Eleanor Renee   Marriah
  Nov. 28   Aiden Stewart   Christina and Jason
  Nov. 28   Anastasia Danielle   Janette and Jason
  Nov. 28   Ethan James   Nicole and Lance
  Nov. 28   Greta Leigh   Stephanie and Ryan
  Nov. 27   Maximus Michael   Coral and Steven
  Nov. 25   Damian James   Charmaine and Corey
  Nov. 25   Hannah Wanyce   Shera and Timothy
  Nov. 22   William Michael   Georgia and Daniel
  Nov. 22   Trinity   Courtney and Shay
  Nov. 4   Autumn McKinzie   Deborah
  Nov. 19   Alexis Rosalie   Jackie and Brad
  Nov. 18   Augustus Wayne   Kirsten and Bud
  Nov. 18   Olivia Young   Susan and Paul
  Nov. 16   Tusweca MaRee   Vonnie and Ryan
  Nov. 17   Joseph Duane   Tracy and Joseph
  Nov. 17   Sebastian Peter   Trina and Travis
  Nov. 14   Anna June   Alicia and Nicholas
  Nov. 17   Hayden Jo   Ashley and Justin
  Nov. 16   AvaJane Katherine   Hope and Zachary
  Nov. 15   Cade   Kristy and Jason
  Nov. 16   Bryce Edward   Shannon and Brian
  Nov. 15   Anthony Richard   Stephanie and Rick
  Nov. 15   Mia Emil   Nicole and Bryce
  Nov. 14   Ava Katherine   Krista and Jason
  Nov. 5   Eva Aiyanna   Capucine and Robert
  Nov. 14   Emma Eileen   Joanie and Tom
  Nov. 10   Ava Marie   Elizabeth and Chad
  Nov. 11   Faylee Elizabeth   Ashlee and Zach
  Nov. 11   Evan Nels   Jennifer and Michael
  Nov. 11   Christian Alfred   Amy and Doug
  Nov. 11   Evelyn Frances   Kayla and Jeremie
  Nov. 10   Soren Duane   Michaela and Joel
  Nov. 8   Seth Haakon   Wendy and Michael
  Nov. 8   Joshua Allen   Marianne and Tyler
  Nov. 9   Eli Allen   Kristy and William
  Nov. 7   Kam'Rie Nikole Hope Morgan   Brittany
  Nov. 6   Domonick David   Amy and David
  Nov. 7   Shae Olivia   Jessica and Nathan
  Nov. 6   Avery Marie   Cynthia and Eric
  Nov. 5   Braxton Alexander   Brittany and Chad
  Nov. 4   Liam Jennings   Alison and Steven
  Nov. 4   Alexis Marie   Tabitha and Stephen
  Nov. 3   Elise Cecelia   Carrie and Ben
  Nov. 4   Reid Alan   Laura and Brad
  Nov. 3   Hannah Denise   Britney and Jason
  Nov. 4   Taylee Mae   Tia and Michael
  Nov. 2   Jacob Robert   Kayla and Robert
  Nov. 2   Tenley Sue   Kim and Jamie
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